Thursday, October 09, 2008

Need spinach!

Uwarghhhh!! Awal pagi dah bangun da ari ni. By the end of the day, letih ya amat siot.

Temankan Faz and ran to a few places today. One of the early stops was at a production outfit in Hartamas where she had been called in for casting for a new movie. Quite a few names kisahnya da confirm participation, and Faz was in for her casting call gituh.

Dengan blur sebab battery diri tak caj full, aku pun lumbered along je.

Yes, if you think casting calls are glam work... they're not.

Tapi yang rasa nak gelak tuh, tak sangkakan dalam opis tuh pun ada yang baca blog aku ek. Sampai Jue Bionic Woman yang singgah later pas run a few errands pun dikenali selepas kes bantai rempit yang cuba merompak dia.

So how does the process go? Well, first you fil in a form for the particulars and info on the talent.

Cam pic orang gi complain kena tipu skin cepat kaya lak pose Faz ni

Merasalah Faz tengah ting tong. Check out the comments she added at the end of the form. Rosak... heh! Sorry girl aku tak edit the bad English at the end. Suka tau nak feel LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

She ran through a short intro on cam and then read some lines for the part. Interesting to see her at work. Her experience does show, and it was a learning experience for me as well to see her go into it without any nerves. Aku ingat aku berdepan camera first time.. ado??? Mr Freeze tajuk album nya jadi very self aware of my every move - and akibatnya kejung depan cam.

Ehem... sila maafkan the "Global warmings aren't cool" part sebab dia kelam kabut isi aku snappy pic. Heh... LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! Matilah....

Natural beauty ok... nan ado make up katanya.

Feeling ... getting into her creepy character

After we were done, decided to grab a bite. Talked a little bit about the role, though can't mention anything here. Just kind of an interesting character for a horror flick.

Da memang rezeki Faz. She's been getting back to back movie offers, so 2009 is indeed going to be her year as I predicted pas court case dia settle.

You can... but not Engrish...

Melantak sat, and decided to go on shopping rounds nak pick up some stuff needed for a kenduri kesyukuran to be held next week.

Tangan penuh tak larat nak snappy apa-apa pics, though I picked up a few things of my own.

From the middle of KL, rush ke Amcorp Mall time rush hour to get invitations done for the event. Seb baik Faz yang drive. Aku da berat sangat pala masa tuh, sebab the weather was wet, and the jam was building up.

After spending a few hours more, Faz got her invites sorted out, Jue got her business cards printed.. and so did I! Yeay!

Thanks to the lovely people there who made us feel so at home dalam lepak sana, sampai cam beraya lak with kueh raya being passed about.

Popped into MPH and found this. Damn.. have to check kalao my sis da beli nak kebas baca. Kalao tak kena beli gak!

Pas settle kat Amcorp, it was starting to get dark. Faz suggested we have dinner first before we head home to hit the sack. Memasing da tired gila da. So she suggested Rakuzan, a Japanese restaurant kat Plaza Damas.

Got back pas dinner, stopping to help a friend whose bike stalled pas another short round of beli barang again... and it was still early. Well, ikut my time la. About 11pm.

Cleared stuff away, and letak this electric guitar shaped lighter ni, yang one of the no real function barang I bought on display. Why do I need an electric guitar shaped lighter? Well it was about the right size... for... my gothic doll!

Amik ko! Takde keja kisahnya kan!!!! Sebelom tido time tu, rasanya ada yang tak kena. You know how they make doll punya rambut ni panjang melampau. Well, so I took a pair of scissors and decided it was time for it to go real punk goth. And since it already had a mohawk like mine, well almost.... me decided to cut almost all of it off.

Aduh.. ngantuknya. Esok got some rounds. Weekend ni no rest la. Nak open house ada berapa da. Pastu next week have a meeting with a TV station for potential - erm... nanti je la ek. Ada rezeki aku bagitau sepenuhnya.

Me calling it a day. Until the next entry

PS - Heroes nanti je aku review. Just managed to watch Project Runway. Jerell out! I hated that dude, but he's been improving, and i really wanted Kenley to be out. But she and Korto and Leanne are in for the Bryant Park finale next week. Damn! Tunggu America's Next Top Model nya latest episode. Esok da leh tengok...



whatever faz do...
she always look pretty and sweet

LOL gotta agree with Fazura on "leave britney alone".but "i am human"?????? hahaha. woww wickeed business cards and chasing harry winston is going to movieees!