Thursday, October 02, 2008

More f**king Abba!

Semalam lazing around, thinking about what to do. All my friends still sibuk beraya, while me, myself and I leh bangun at 7am sebab oversleep the day before.

Went a little crazy, plan nak gi kampung Juan kat Bentong with some friends kat sini. Then changed my mind and thought... a small expedition with mates to Genting Highlands or Port Dickson was in order. Nak merasa udara sedar ke, nak sun tan ke... anything better than ngadap laptop je keja.

So while was making up my mind, started fiddling around with my cigarette box collection. What, you say? Yes, my cigarette box collection. I collect, among many things, various types of erm.. Marlboro boxes locally produced and also from around the world.

Anyway, baru aku perasan why rokok luar negara tak sedap. Heh! I actually knew it before masa working at my old place and my Australian bosses got stoned with my Reds when they were smoking Marlboro Lights. But ni kali ni baru aku perasan, rokok kita yang paling power.

Tuh dia! From top to bottom. Indonesian, Malaysian and Thai produced Marlboro cigarettes! In comparison, Indo Marlboro Red contain 1.3 mg tar, while ours lak no less than 20mg katanya. Nicotine content pun jauh beza between 1.0mg and 1.5mg a stick.
The Thai produced Marlboro? No freaking Idea... tak reti baca.

Yeay! Malaysian die faster from lung cancer! Erm... no it does not in any way make me want to quit, as I'm still fine, thank you *bursts out in coughing fits*

Ni just some pics I took out of boredom of a small piece of my collection.

You have to love the warning on the dangers of smoking from the Thais

The left one is Swiss I think.. or Australian (but I don't think it's Ozzie). Member bagi tak ingat lak. And Indonesian one again on right. Heh...

Malas nakamik pic bebanyak lagik. Actually saja posting bab ni sebab sis bought like a carton worth of Reds from Jakarta for me.

Murah gila ok in comparison rokok sana ngan sini. Sana a box of 20s costs about RM4 kalau tak silap. As opposed to our RM9!!! Daylight robbery! Thank you, sin taxes! Alcohol tanak naikkan lak? Rokok lak pepandai naik je keja.

I think we rank up there with expensive fags actually. I know in the States, a box of 20s is about RM12 to RM22 (depending on state and varying taxes), Singapore lak about RM27. UK tak ingat. But RM20 lebih gak rasanya. Tak ingat. India - RM5.90 and Laos - RM4.30.
Cam isap rokok emas je skang. Heh...

Anyway, pas aku da bosan gaban, abih this part of the entry, finally decided, it was a me day.

So naik ler KL. On the way singgah Puchong jumpa minum ngan abang Bad, sebab Raya tak jenguk dia. Actually hadn't met him the whole of the fasting month. Borak borak... da masuk dua tiga jam da.

Pas settle, gerak ke KLCC. In the freaking storm!!! Argh! Ujan cam horror movie tau! Da la jalan tak heavy traffic, which is of course unusual by KL standards... which gave it a creepier effect. Just me getting paranoid out of boredom and setting my imagination loose to amuse myself actually.

But indeed it was raining pussies and bitches (more extreme version of raining cats and dogs la).

Mak aih! Ramainya manusia kat KLCC! Rasa cam da kat Dubai lak ngan Arab tourists berlambak. By the way, they remind me of Taiwanese tourists. Loud and rude. Erm... nuff said.

Went up and bought movie tickets. Initially nak tengok Mamma Mia! je, tapi last last opted for the 11.20pm show of that, and also bought the 9.50pm show of Flight Of The Livind Dead - Outbreak On A Plane.

Ok with a title like that, mesti da dapat tangkap, B grade horror. But what can I say. I love horror movies. I know some people walking around being a whole production on their own! Minus the make up effects - though with just as much work done. Matilah...Anyway grabbed some sushi before the show... and got a lot of funny stares for my red mohawk which has turned almost fluorescent pink thanks to being bored and fiddling with more peroxide.

Lantak la. But the service I have to say kat Sushi King KLCC ni cam pantat sikit. Horror tol nak amik order from the ala carte menu. Last last makan off the line je. With five minutes to spare, went up to the cinemas for movie number one.

I am so not going to really review this movie.

All i can say is to give you an indication how it is, if you've seen Snakes On a Plane, I think that was the title, starring Nicholas Cage... now imagine the whole movie, shot on what looks like the same set, with the same effects, but instead of snakes, with zombies and a similar plotline of of the freaky cargo escaping and running rampage among the passenger, and you have Flight of the Living Dead.

Still, I have to say, it was typical camp horror. Funny without being stupid. Jumped a few times, but not enough to make it amazingly horrific by my standards. Worth a watch, because the director made an effort to change the potrayal of zombies with obvious influences to the Japanese school of horror applications to all things freaky.

Is it worth a movie ticket? Considering my other choices were Senario the Movie - Episode 1, and Kami the Movie, and also I had a few scares (more than Susuk) and more than a few laughs (more than Congkak), yes it was worth it.

It'll put a smile on your face!

Movie was supposed to end five minutes after Mamma Mia! started, which would have been just nice once you take away the intro ads. But because my zombie fest started 10 minutes late (sampai aku ingat salah panggung da aku masuk), I went into Mamma Mia a little late.

Missed out one song, which I think was I Have A Dream cause I heard the tail end of it.

All I can say about Mamma Mia is -Abba is so f**king gay, you have to love it! Sang along to every bloody song... seb baik panggung tak penuh sangat. So I could sing a long without someone in the next seat cursing me and my family.

I had so many favourite songs in the show that it was like a concert! Tak sabar nak tengok the musical when it comes to Istana Budaya in December. Let's see, my favourite karaoke like moments - thanks to the lyrics at the bottom of the screen to help me out when I forgot a line were Money, Money, Money, Mamma Mia, Chiquitita, Dancing Queen, Our Last Summer, Super Trouper, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!, Voulez-Vous, SOS, The Winner Takes It All, When All is Said and Done, Take a Chance on Me and Waterloo as well as Than You For The Music right at the end. Yes, watch until way into the credits cause lagu non stop! Aku sampai kena jeling mamat Bangla keja sana tuh sebab dia nak tutup the hall da but I was still watching the credits singing along.

Cuma sentap sikit cause Knowing Me Knowing You didn't really make the soundtrack, apart from the instrumental backdrop.

The movie itself was just FUN! Meryl Streep was AMAZING (give that woman an Oscar for this!) while Pierce Brosnan was just a right bore who sounded like he had a Greek midget up his ass. That man can't sing! Meryl did so well but Pierce just screwed up totally! I don't expect amazing vocals - but dude sounded seriously like a karaoke reject from Hell who would have been right at home is he showed up on America's Got Talent in a thong and cape.

Julie Walters as Rosie and Christine Baranski as Tanya were the life of the movie making up Donna And The Dynamos (matilah nama!)

The acting was not as rigid, and flowed throughout the musical. In fact they made it seem like a one off shoot without much rehearsal - not in a bad way, cause everything just seemed so quirkily free spirited.

Not exactly movie of the year material. But hey, when you have Meryl Streep and Abba, who cares about everything else. Worth it for those who remember the beautiful songs of Abba - or those who want to discover the campy tunes us oldies grew up on.

Oh yeah, by the way. Don't be like this minah yang dok depan aku kata, "eh... sedap kan lagu lagu dia.... pandai meka tulis semua lagu sedap tuk movie ni". Arghhh!!!!

Eh.. panjangnya aku melalut entry ni. Balas dendam. Anyway, things are slowly returning to normal I hope, and hopefully friends and extended family back to KL soon. Be updating soon...



I simply adore abba songs! Horror movies just not my cup of tea...enough horror movies during courtship. yucks. malboro?? Now you remind me that I used to collect the special edition in 1999, i think? I collected it after my bro finished the pack. full set.