Monday, October 20, 2008

How to get a heart attack real fast...

Yeap, you read my posting right. Kalau nak rasa coronary attack secepat mungkin ala instant pun leh, try this simple easy steps.

1. Get a crazing for KFC Cheesy Wedges (yes, your favourite Leo because in Jakarta nggak ada ye)
2. Suck up to KFC staff with a smile and some compliments, and ask for cheese. Lots of it!
3. Gorge yourself along with equally stupid friends who also have a death wish through excess of dairy by products.
4. Feel like you want to puke once you down too much.
5. I feel it coming...!!!



dayum.. that looks awesome. how to get so much cheese? O.o ..nak jugak! heheh..

ya ampun bnyknya cheese... mesti joe merengek ni mtak bnyk... muakakakka

bodek je budak KFC. ahahaha.. gila kan???