Sunday, October 05, 2008

Heroes! Lots of it too!

Ok, first of all, be prepared for total geekiness. I am about to be excited by something that is not very exciting. Yes, if you are not turned on with anything with wires or USB ports, this is NOT your thing.

Semalam actually didn't do much, apart from picking up my sis in Ampang, heading back home to have lunch with the folks, and then later going for a bout of shopping with her for some small stuff she needed to bring along and then on to KLIA to catch her flight to Jakarta.

But she passed something to me, which I thought was so sweet because I been thinking about getting it but haven't. Lo and behold, worship at my feet, oh geeks!

If you're going like... what the #$%^!!!!, don't blame me! You were warned. Yes, it's my new portable external hard drive! Yeay! More memory space! My 160GB is already packed full with music, work and especially lots of movies and complete or near complete seasons of Pussycat Dolls Presents, America's Next Top Model, Project Runway as well as all my magic tutorials, so wanted to get another one. Didn't aim for a 250GB though it sounded enticing, but sis got the Maxtor one for me for just RM250!

Yeay! Hurrahs all around!

Ok, so I'm not going to post anything lengthy because me wanna transfer some stuff about. So I'll leave you guys with the recaps of the first three episodes of Heroes which I have wanted to post for ages now. Heroes fans unite!!!!

I'm kind stoked on the new season, because not only is it faster paced, it's also got more colour to it this time, without trying to be too intelligent, and yet having more than enough twists in the plot to make it watchably fun!

Oh nevermind. If you haven't watched the first three episodes, note that too bad if it becomes a spoiler for you ok! You were warned. Also those looking forward to episode four like me, there are some spoilers below, so stop where you should, or risk knowing, or at least having a clue of what is going to happen!

Ok, just a recap.

Episode 1 - The Second Coming

Opens with Claire about to blow Peter (ok that sounded wrong), his brains, people his brains.. out. It's a future setting and apparently Peter says he'll change things by going back.

And he does, solving our mystery of the past season of who shot Nathan. Future Peter did! Apparently to stop him exposing those with powers.

But since he's one of the hotter ones in the series, Nathan lives, believed to be because of Claire's powers, which were absorbed by Peter, and passed on through blood transfusion. A little too Falcon Crest? Oh well...

Meanwhile Matt is sent to a desert like plain by Peter when he discovers Peter responsible for the shooting.

Peter goes back to kick Nathan's ass and finish the job, still he decides otherwise when Nathan sees thelight and decides not to blow the whistle on their existence.

He bumps into Angela who asks what happened to the real Peter, and turns out, he's been put into the body of an inmate in Level 5 - a high security prison for those with powers.

Meanwhile, Nathan gets a visit from Linderman, though it's anyone's guess whether he's real or not.

Hiro meanwhile has taken over his father's company and is left in a will of a great secret to guard. It's a formula, or at least half of it.

He however loses it immediately to the first new 'hero' we meet, which is a blonde speedster.

A trip to the future later, Hiro sees mass destruction and his ass kicked by Ando who has Streetfighter's Ken and Ryu meets Mortal Kombat's Raiden's ability to shoot lightning bolts!

Suresh comes across a startling discovery on how adrenaline has something to do with activation of one's powers. Which leads to discovery that he can come up with something to give people powers. Which is not something Maya is looking forward to. Though the possible sex sound tempting, I guess.

He injects himself with the new stuff and goes through a Spiderman meets Venom transformation and has new found powers of amazing strength and agility. Spiderman? Yes, Spidey is now reincarnated as an Asian. Too Spidey! Already think Suresh is boring, being Spidey doesn't make him more interesting...

Sylar meanwhile pays a visit to Claire. He cuts her open, but of course she can't die. We find that she lost all sense of pain.

Instead of sucking out Claire's noggin, when she asks if he's going to do it, Sylar merely picks at it and comes out with the best line of the series with, "Eat your brain? Claire, that's disgusting!"

So he is now immortal too. And when Claire asks why he won't kill her, he replies the obvious that she can't die.

Meanwhile, Niki is back. No, not Niki Saunders, but another doppleganger in Tracy Strauss who is the Governer of New York's aide or something.

A new symbol appears with the helix now bright orange, running though Earth.

Episode 2 - The Butterfly Effect

Claire is all emo because she can't feel pain anymore because she thinks it makes her feel less human. So much so she throws herself in front of a moving train.

Angela sees Hiro stabbed with the sword, Matt with his throat slit, Knox killing Claire (you'll know who he is later - and she's beheaded which is the only way she can die), Noah and Peter dead as well. Angela is then confronted by Niki (or one of her many alter egos), what's the name of that dude - Matt's bad ass dad, Adam and Knox before she Sylar comes to her, presumably on her side.

It's some some of dream. She meets future Peter and tells him not to screw with the future. The butterfly effect, she mentions - step on a butterfly today, three years from now, a million people are wiped out.

Maya walks in on Suresh who shows off his new power, which includes getting horny, something not thought possible before this. And with a personality too! Yes, that does sound impossible doesn't it.

Anyway, it's not just powers that make him Spiderman like. He gets all this yucky boils and his body starts peeling with gunky chunks. Eew!

A reporter approaches Tracy and reveals her 'past' as Niki which she has no clue of.
On the second time, she grabs him and discovers she's got Mr Freeze powers! We always knew Ali Larter was a cold b***h so about time she got powers suited to her personality, despite the new personality not quite her.

She meanwhile approaches Nathan, and offers him a spot as a junior senator.
Hiro and Andi meanwhile travel to Daphne's apartment. She gets away again but not before he manages to plant a tracker on her.

Elle meanwhile is having daddy issues. When she finds out Sylar's in the building and her dad's dead, all hell breaks loose on Level 5.

Sylar is about to cut her open when her powers blows up in Sylar's face, letting loose some of the Level 5 inmates located in Primatech.

Angela Petrelli takes over as head of the Company. Sylar's in the slammer and Noah's gone, as are the inmates.

Noah goes back and tells Claire he has to track down the baddies, and leaves his family in the care of Meredith Gordon. Remember her? Claire's biological mother, who has the ability to cal up fire.

Matt wakes up to a speaking turtle or so he thinks. He meets his new friend.

A mention of Britney Spears later, he discovers he's in Africa.

He asks for a cell phone in a build up for a partner promo.
"No service here. Should have gone with Sprint!"
Ah... commercialism be thy name.

So he embarks on a 'spirit walk'.

The real Peter meanwhile is rolling with the juiced up hoodies and causing mayhem.

In the last scene, Angela reveals the biggest shocker of the episode.

That Sylar is also a Petrelli! Yes, Gabriel is the son of Angela, and the brother of Nathan and Peter, and uncle of Claire.

Episode 3 - One Of Us, One Of Them

Things continue with Bridget, who has the power of seeing the history of anything she touches.
Angela apparently has given the first gift to her son, by giving him another power, by allowing her to feed on her.

Noah meanwhile approaches Angela, to help put the inmates back behind bars.
The Haitian is unavailable - on assignment for Angela, and according to Noah it's the rule - one of us, one of them. Ah.. hence the title.

So the one of them in mind, is actually... Sylar!

Angela goes against Sylar's own belief he's just a killer and convinces him that he's more capable than that.

Present Peter in the body of Jesse, along with The German, Knox and Flint, pull their first job post Level 5 at a bank where we get a first taste of all their powers.

Why'd they have to kill of Jesse so fast?

Knox calls the police because he wants the Company recruits to show up to exact revenge. He kills the German (fastest death in Heroes history?).

Knox discovers Peter in Jesse.
Noah moves in alone, insisting Sylar stays back.
Noah is caught in a hopeless situation, especially when as present Peter unleashes Jesse's power, future Peter freezes time and pulls him out of Jesse's body.

When all of them recover - Noah's in deep s**t as Peter's out of Jesse.
Sylar comes to the rescue though. Flint is shot by Noah, while Sylar gives in to his urge for brains by killing Jesse and has sushi brains for lunch. So bye bye Jesse too.

Hiro and Ando track the speedster whom Hiro calls Nemesis. Her name's actually Daphne, and she's intercepting the exchange of another half of the formula in Berlin after selling off the half belonging to Hiro.

They discover their powers gone, and Hiro spots the Haitian which he has come across before, and suspects of pulling the deal for the other half of the formula.

They manage to grab it off the Haitian, but Daphne again, outwits them. Not too much of a task there.

Claire is meanwhile having issues with both her mothers.

And both are trying to get her off playing superhero, which doesn't work because she makes off with a box of Primatech documents.

Tracy meanwhile approaches Nathan, and says she wants to track down Niki to New Orleans.

She does. Niki's in a casket, having died from the fire (strange that there be no marks).She meets Micah, who immediately knows it's not Niki and loses hope of appearing in more episodes.
He helps her discover the link between Tracy and Nikki - both of them were born on the same day, in the same hospital with the same attending doctor present - Dr Zimmerman.

She pays him a visit - and the whole thing closes with his statement that, "I created you".

Matt gets a browse through of the art works of the African dude, which is everything off a stalker's dream - every single bit of Matt's life etched on the walls.

Except while the past is fine, the present has been erased. Turns out spooky African dude has Isaac Mendez like abilities to paint the future - complete with same cool pupil-less eyes.
Matt goes in the same trance with some help which assumably is for him to see what's going to happen.

Angela meanwhile still has faith in Sylar, while Noah and the Haitain reunite as Flint returns to Level 5 along with Hiro and Ando placed in the facility.

Episode 4 titled I Am Become Death will be available most probably by Tuesday.But if you have been following Heroes all this while and want some insight into what wil happen in the next few episodes (5- Angels And Monsters, 6 - Dying Of The Light), here are some SPOILERS below.
And if you haven't watched the first three episodes, oh bloody read it anyway cause you already found out too much by now. Be posting soon...

-We'll get to learn the terrible truth about Sylar's secret past. If there's indeed anything more to Learn apart from being Angela Petrelli's other son. Perhaps?

- There'll be a Justice League-style battle between good and evil.We can already see that happening now, but it's supposed to be big time.

- We'll get to meet as many as a dozen new super-powered people. So far we've seen a handful, so it should be pretty interesting.

- Apart from the return of Linderman who was killed, and Claire's real mum returning, expect also to come back - Adam Munro or Takezo Kensei, and Niki Sanders. How the hell does Niki return when she's dead??? Cloning? With so many hers running around, not impossible.

- Hiro and Ando will be the one to return Kensei as they dig him out of the grave he's buried in.

- Suresh and Maya are obviously headed for a shag, but it doesn't end well.

- Seven of the 12 villains that will be unleashed from The Company’s Level 5 that will come into play are The German (can manipulate steel - killed last week), Eric Doyle (a puppeteer who can make people do his bidding), Benjamin “Knox” Washington (gains strength by feeding of fear of those around him - recaptured), Flint (can shoot blue fire from his hands - recaptured), Jesse Murphy (can project concussive power through use of his voice - got his brains sucked out by Sylar),Stephen Canfield (can create black holes), and Samedi.

The bad guys

- Matt apparently gets to see the future where now, everyone can fly (so AirAsia)

Production shots of shooting of the flying scenes

- Hiro may just ditch Ando who seems to be crossing over to the Dark Side. Ooh! Doyle gets to feature in this episode and Meredith, Claire's mum is the victim.

- There will the introduction of a rival company called Pinehearst Industries which will be joined by Hiro and several others.

- A fifth Niki will be introduced. After Niki, Jessica, Gina and now Tracy Strauss, get ready another one of Dr Zimmerman;s creations.

- Elle and Claire will end up BFF (best friends forever - well sort of) when Elle needs help to sort out herself from overloading her electric charges.

- Remember Molly? Sweet little thing will also return.

- There's be another Heroes romance (hope not as yucky as the Claire and West one)

- Weird alternate reality thing happens when Sylar takes over Bennet household and makes... waffles???!!!

- Hiro teams up with Daphne and Knox after Adam fails to produce any results in helping seek out the formula or the buyer who engaged Daphne.



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