Monday, October 13, 2008

Heroes half asleep...

I am so tired. Today one more round ngan Jue nak tolong send invites, jenguk member media yang lain nak invite for this Friday's event.
Anyway, we sped about KL and then it started to rain towards the late evening. When I saw this. Ok, so you guys know now I love rainbows.

Just maybe.. it's a sign for me. Of something coming. We'll see. This week banyak will be unveiled. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Owh... isn't that pretty

Nothing much to post today. Saja nak update last week, and this week's episode of Heroes yang baru siap download terus aku marathon! Just a recap for fellow Heroes freaks like me. Again, if you haven't been following, don't read! Kang nanti marah aku lak kata spoiler.

More tomorrow.. till then, enjoy the recaps.

Episode 4 - I am Become Death

Suresh gets his panties in a knot over his new powers., even beating up his wife-beating neighbour. Is this how they highlight the dilemma of him abusing his powers?
I would knock that guy out cold if I was him.

Still stupid neighbout extra goes to pay a visit to Suresh later and gets whooped - again.

Tracy meanwhile finds out from Dr Zimmerman that she, and her identical twins, Niki and Barbara were diven powers via DNA manipulation and yes, the process is irreversible.

Niki is 'confused' over her powers and after paying a visit to Nathan, jumps off a bridge to kill herself, only to be saved by Nathan who exposes his power of flight. She in turn, exposes her powers. They then expose themselves to gratiutous sex we're not exposed to. Damn!

Matt gets a look into the future, thanks so some gunk he eats and the awesome Heroes soundtrack over the headphones, goes all white-eyed and sees into the future.

Also four years in the future, present Peter, taken by his future self, sees that everyone has powers, with people flying about. Apparently people zooming about with powers, are those who have taken on abilities with just an injection.

Future self says present Peter has to stop the person making the abilities.serum. He also says present Peter has to get to Sylar and get his abilities to avoid making mistakes. Whatever that means.

Present Peter wants to see Nathan, Claire and Suresh - but future self says they're not the same folks. "Not all of us were born with abilities, some of us were made" and sides had to be chosen, which inspires the discussion - we know that Suresh injected himself with his DIY formula - but does that mean Claire and Nathan too were 'created'?
Claire appears and shoots future Peter while the present one gets away.

Claire brings dead future Peter another spot. Daphne and Knox are there, so obviously in the future, they belong in the same faction. Confusing eh? Laying the foundation for grander storylines.

Anyway, Claire wants to use Molly to locate Peter who has gone to see future Suresh who has turned into some gooey, slimy creature with extremely bad skin.

Future Peter wants to visit Sylar and through some mind reading, gets the directions from Suresh.

He pays a visit to Sylar - in Costa Verde! In the Bennets' house! Where Sylar is making waffles!!! With his 'son'!!! Named Noah!!!!!! What the...

Sylar lets out they're brothers. Peter wants Sylar's abilities, which the latter warns him not to absorb as the ability of understanding how things work also comes with a hunger, to kill.

I wish I had the ability at this point - so I can answer the question who the hell had Sylar's baby!

Anyway - Sylar asks peter to fix that broken watch - and that surprise surprise gives Peter the power!

Meanwhile, Daphne goes back to - Matt!!!! They've had a baby together in the future, and Molly is their adopted child kind of thing. Matt finally allows Daphne to use Molly to locate Peter.

Daphne, Knox and Claire move in. A scuffle breaks out. Strangely enough, both Peter and Sylar have the ability to freeze time which should solve a lot of problems but they end up in a bar room fist fight.

Noah gets splattered - and Sylar goes ballistic before blowing up!

Future Nathan and Niki meanwhile - as the President and first lady calls the crater formerly known as the former Costa Verde the greatest American tragedy - they always like to top themselves.

Present Peter gets into S&M mode and starts cutting up Peter, when Nathan drops by. Fuelled by the hunger from Sylar's abilities, Peter cuts up Nathan! Woohoo!

He goes to the present and confronts Sylar.

While Knox is believed to be dead, Daphne appears to the doorstep saying she wasn't fast enough with half of her back all yucky like Suresh.

And Matt in the present isn't too happy with things.

Hiro meanwhile is stuck with Ando in Level 2, and while both of them have that endless tiff about the you the hero, me the sidekick issue (this is as boring as the season two Claire and West sh*t)

The Haitian pops up and the plan is off.

The Haitian takes Hiro and Ando to meet Angela, and they're tasked with getting the formula back.

So what do they do? They release the Kensei - or Adam.

Suresh is going through his stupid Spiderman into Venom dilemma, and that's coming between hot sex between him and Maya

Episode 5 - Angels And Monsters

Suresh kicks off the week's action by getting another victim - to do whatever is is we're not shown.

Or actually we are, as he continues to play Spiderman, by putting his victims in some sort of strange webbing for whatever.

In the end, Maya discovers Suresh's weird fetish for wrapping people in webbing, and becomes part of his collection too.

Peter meanwhile is pissed and breaks Sylar's neck when he discovers they're brothers.

He confronts Angela who shows up and begins cutting her up before Sylar steps in,

Noah meanwhile calls Sylar for another duty - to recapture another Level 5 escapee.

Tracy and Nathan pay a visit to Angela, and they both find out, as confirmed on Tracy's side, and suspected on Nathan's side, that they're made - not born with abilities.

Meredith meanwhile goes to Claire's rescue but she barks up the wrong tree by visiting the Eric Doyle character and succumbs to his power.

Claire in actuality is paying a visit to bug zap Steven Canfield.

Noah and Sylar pop up. Claire and Steven have talked things out - but Steven escapes when the captors are hot on his tracks.

When they track him down, Noah cuts a deal. Open up a black hole and suck in Sylar and be released or else. Steven decides he won't be a monster - and earn more as a glorified extra for the show - so he opens up a black hole that sucks himself in.

Hiro and Ando meanwhile screw up - again which results in Adam escaping.

Daphne and Knox want to recruit Hiro for Pinehearst, on condition he kill Ando - so he stabs Ando with a sword. Bet you Ando's coming back in some boring time warp way next week.

That is until Knox captures him.

Finally, Angela revisits the future which she can dream up - and sees Nathan, Tracy and Peter dead.

The mysterious character stop her by freezing her unable to move!

And just who is the mysterious person?

We're shown this through Matt's dad, the mind reading guy who visits this dude all hooked up on tubes.

He tells of how the team is coming together nicely. And we discover Linderman's appearance is all the work of him, including the recruitment of Daphne.

And the person? He addrsses as? Mr Petrelli. Oopsies! The old man not dead and is the actual menace! Very Dallas and Dynasty kan? To keep it all in the family...