Friday, October 31, 2008

The good news... and the annoyingly and horribly bad!!!

Ok, let's soften the blow with the good news first. You probably have heard about it da.

Petrol and diesel prices are down 15 sen a litre respectively effective tomorrow. RON97 petrol will be reduced from RM2.30 a litre to RM2.15 a litre, RON92 petrol from RM2.20 a litre to RM2.05 a litre and diesel from RM2.20 a litre to RM2.05 a litre.

Now while you think there's something to celebrate.. here's the bad news.

From now on, my fellow smokers brethren, jangan harap ler nak lepak mamak lagik. Tak leh hisap rokok lagik ok, walaopon dok kaki lima. Cam sial tak!!!!

Effective semalam, all restaurants and cafes with outdoor, open air premises, are also declared smoke-free zones. Cam #$%^&*(!!!!!!!

Take a deep breath... sabar... siapa yang ditangkap flouting the regulations, akan kena compund for a maximum of RM5,000 or a fine of RM10,000 or two years jail if found guilty.

Thank you Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai for confining us smokers to our home! I hope non-smokers are happy they don't have to deal with second hand smoke now - and can bloody choke from exhaust fumes jer. I mean - sidewalk pon takleh???? Lori lalu skali pon da worse than sebatang rokok. What the...

This follows the announcement, harga rokok as of 1 January must be at least RM6 for a box of 20s, and all packaging must carry those pictorials of the effects of cancer.

Blah blah blah! I defy you! Aku tetap akan isap rokok! What about my rights as a smoker???

Gila la sampai nak isap rokok pon takde tempat da. Aduh... discrimination!!!!

Open burning, excessive exhaust emissions.... tu semua tanak amik tindakan.

Instead come up lak ewith another buang masa ruling. Sedangkan aku jalan Sungei Wang pun nampak oran isap rokok selamba takde pon kena saman. Pantek tol la ngarut our lawmakers ni kekadang. Nak come up with PC laws konon.. but tak realistik. I think there's more for the enforcement folks to do than saman people for lighting up a fag.

And perhaps they should focus on enforcing just the places sebelom ni sebab I don't see it happening at all. Go to to courts kat Jalan Duta. Kat cafeteria. Bawah signbaord declaring konon takleh isap rokok, the legal community as well as policeman themselves isap rokok ngan selamba. Parliament nak cita camna?

What are we becoming? Singapore??? Where will Singaporeans go to feel free now?

Still I suppose it's not as bad as the anti-pornography law passed in Jakarta which allows the extremists to witch hunt for anything any party deems as pornographic - and that includes allowing a witch hunt for 'sexual deviants' aka anything they don't like.

Hooray for Jakarta!

Boo for lawmakers! Me hope they suffer slow painful deaths!

More bad news. Sharimie (siot je ko kan... huahuahua....) gi upload Kelab Pop yang aku, Juan dan Rudy berlawan ngan Ifa, Serina and Fazli. been avoiding it for two days - but the inevitable happened and Sharimie da letak online. So aku pasrah je la.

So now I know what people saw, and ni pon first time aku tengok. Korang nak.. layan je la.

Ni si Juan siap tangkap kuar info kat Astro

Korang nak carut tuh.. carotlah. Yang penting nya...menang. Huahuahua... be posting more tomorrow with my Halloween look. Korang judge la jadik ke tak kang ek.

PS - Boo on the Altantuya decision and yeay for the rear seatbealt ruling.



i especially love the karaoke part. kekeke... hangkat beskal ok!

itu reza ker yang gelak tak hengat mcm langsuir tuh?..ngeh2..

how abuot smoking in my own car? still ok, rite? wekekeke...cari lubang...

tu la psl bro!!!
what the.....
terpaksa wat khemah kt dpn pelita :p isap rokok ramai2..

me faking going to park my car depan pelita where i usually lepak and ajak ramai2 in my car two steps away to smoke. huahuahua! bodoh sangat tawwww!!!

omg i saw u on kelab pop..then i used my veto as auntie berebut dgn my nephew nk tgk jolee..hahaha..hope u r doing fine..baru perasan dh pakai domain.. nonton ok, dat kelab pop..

gosip gosip..heheh

anak saudara suka betul ikut nyanyi masa ahli group wartawan nyanyi tentang 'basikal',haha!!! tapi Kelab Pop Raya yang team Erra, Umie dan Vanida serta Shanie, Enot dan Adibah memang pecah perut tengok.kelakar kelakar

hahahaha! i just watched this on tv. hilarious! i love the karaoke part.

aduh.. korang ni.. sanggup tengok ek. huahuahua. seb baik takde yang carot lagik.