Friday, October 03, 2008

From PM to AM

Nothing much to blog today. Spent the day watching the latest episodes of Project Runway (boo the fact that Kenley is still in for contention to go to Bryant Park for the finale), and America's Next Top Model (bittersweet moment for Clark to be kicked out cause I hated her in the start - and now I just don't mind her, but pity cause she had the best photo last week and this week she's out).

So anyway, smalam plan nak spend the night out on the town. Yer la... da Friday night. And been bored to death for quite a few days now kan.

So in the end lepak ngan member aku around KL, and met up more friends who joined in later.

Bloody roads in KL still light traffic (just approaching weekend numbers je on the road) but highways semua da start da jam! People filing in and out of the city for the weekend. Oh boy... mulai esok there's going to be hell to pay on those roads when everyone floods back!


Hung out.. partied... plan to hang till dawn. So no proper entries or rantings tonight. Just wanna have fun! Promise to post tomorrow...

...until the lights go out...