Thursday, October 30, 2008

The eve.. of All Hallows Eve

It was a dark night. Except for the street lamps, the shop lights, passing vehicle headlamps, the lip lap of lampu hiasan rumah kat depan tuh sebab Deepavali da abih owner lom tanggal..

Terang bulan... iyolah.. tu lampu jalan jerk...korang imagination kuat la sikit...

Location kat Pelita. Dalam keta aku. Matilah... setting nak horror konon tapi fail. Sebenarnya pas run about the whole day, aku dok tunggu sorang sorang sampai ni nak makan.

So bosan bosan, me try on the contact lens pinjam dari Che Pat (korang dengar Suria FM, dia la yang gossip cam lahar tak sedar dosa tuh - matilah aku!!!!)

This will be completing look for my get-up tomorrow. Ok tak? Ala ala creepy sikit tak?

Scary isn't it... the oily skin

Ok so it's just the lens lah. Takkan nak amik pic yang siap kan? Lagikpon me have lots of work to do for my look still. Just the eyes at least complete la the look kang. Tima kasih che Kie kerana membantu mencantikkan mata aku ala horror, walaopon terpaksa melalui drama noya dulu. Matilah...

Anyways, my whole day today spent on picking up stuff to get ready for the event on Saturday. Yes, while everyone's parading their outfit on Friday night tomorrow on All Hallows's Eve, the Nuffnang event is only on Saturday night, so malam besok aku kena last minute touches.

Drop by my fave place to pick up my stock of liquid latex and spirit gum. Prosthetics aku pakai yang siap ada jerk.

The shop was packed gila! Yes, welcome to Costumes 'N' Parties. The shop is located in City Square, next to Yow Chuan Plaza, seberang jalan dari Ampang Park jerk. Ala.. yang Empire Tower tepi tuh je.

It is THE place of the many costume shops I know (and I know a lot) yang damn reasonable prices, good service AND very good selection.

If you need a costume pronto! (especially if you heading for the Nuffnang gath) try out the place. Call the number as seen in the pic ok. Or just Google the shop name.

But back to seeing the mad last minute crowd grabbing at costumes, glad I made up my mind not to rent a costume (borinnnnggg!) as I can imagine everyone showing up in something that came frm a shop. So unimaginative.

I can't post too long - need to get to work on the ensemble already, lots to be done. Esok je aku posting lagik.

PS - Yeay! Petrol price going down again tomorrow!!! By 15 sen!



hey hey... jus dropped by saying hi... loved ur costume or make up for the party... ^^