Sunday, October 12, 2008

Casting wow!

Earlier today kena bangun awal. Takde la awal sebenarnya. Konsep awal pon, bila matahari da tinggi kat langit tuh.

The destination today. Meet up Jue dan Faz nak temankan makcik tu gi casting lagik hari ni. Today at Line Clear lak. Heh... motif yang sengih? Tak baik korang. Anyway it was fun - not so much fun trying to find the place in the middle of Bukit Jelutong, but fun once there.

I think every actress yang ada nama was there. Make that every actress. Except sorang. But we won't go into details, will we love.
Let's see who was there for casting apart from Faz. There was Sharifah Amani, Sharifah Aleya, Sazy Falak, Yasmin Hani, Irma Hasmie, Fouziah Gous, Intan Ladyana, Ainul Aishah, Raja Farah.. erm.. sapa lagik. Ramai la...

Aku nak snappy pics pun pening. So this is it lor.

Leya, Nani, Hani and Sazzy - among the most gorgeous and talented in the business

Irma - hot bod and seriously one of the most underrated actresses about. She is hot!

Aku letak pic Irma for two reasons. Satu sebab aku rasa dia ni not getting enough attention. Physically, first of all, noticed she has the perfect women's figure dari segi her curves. Seriously! Once you see her live you have to admit it. Also because masa casting tu, aku seriously think she is a damn good actress, just wish she had the roles to prove herself in.

Secondly letak pic dia sebab dia ni antara geng Pelita gak. Heh! Bukan senang tau nak redah Pelita tuh. Aku paham how it is for these ladies to lepak there. Faz always gets it. People just - STARE! Eww! That's rude, people! Don't do it. Have a reaction but don't stare.

Kaau korang ingat aku penah post pasal Anuar Zain skali masa lepak ngan dia dan Hazami tu how people stared and took pics from meja nun jauh. Ala... tegur je la. Dari jauh jeing sana maintain macho nak feeling, pastu kang kata orang sombong. Kaaaaaaaaaannnn... you make people feel uncomfortable. At the end of the day - it's just rude to stare. Merasalah nak deal with the noya of having someone eyeballing you.

And it was on to Pelita later, much later in the night ngan Jue dan Faz. Before that ke open house Stacy Frenz.

I love it!

Honestly, it was one of the best gaths I've been to, not in term of size or grandeur, but in terms of the cosiness and the whole familial feel of things. I'd think of it as a big family get-together than a normal fan gath.

Seb baik aku tak pakai biru tua. Kalao tak kami da jadik maskot TV3 da

Owhhh... how touching.. *sniff*

Putet and I

The family

Thanks to Stacy Frenz for inviting me, and also for the little gift to recognise my participation. Honestly though, I think korang yang patut dapat one each for your hard work and all you guys have done so far. Keep it up!

And for those yang nak tengok pics lebih (bila update ler) CLICK HERE for the fan club's official blog and CLICK HERE for the new website.

Got another full day the tomorrow. Well, actually like that for the next few days, so will leave you guys with this video. Bits and pieces from Stacy's performance smalam. Pakai Nokia aku je, so jangan carut kualiti bukan HD cam ok!




you know about celebrities being stared at I personally think celebrities should accept the fact that thats the price they have to pay for being a celeb.Of course they can argue they are just human and they need privacy, its rude to stare and what not but these ppl who stare are also human, they cant help being jakun. :( and i totally agree with u on irma not getting enough attention.shes one of the best, cantik and baik perangai pulak tu (well i think la).ok bye.

Stacy Cute, Alliff semakin tembam...ask him to control a bit . so sweet the Award, congrats-Andy Sigara

ala Joe,

dah sampai Bukit Jelutong, patut singgah beraya kat rumah kita tadi !


Tahniah Joe, dapat Award kat majlis Stacy tu, bagus la si Stacy ni, ingat jasa org yg banyak membantunya, semoga berjaya Stacy.

Setuju dgn u Joe, warm and friendly,like family gathering and I felt worth drove all night went back to Ipoh after the Majlis.

Congrats Joe Klubbkidd, I think the Award is small but still believe the though is count. Stacy cute, Joe cool and the president sweet.

aku syukur atas apa yang ada dan syukur lagi kalau ada yang terima.

go go stacy and stacyfrenz!