Friday, October 10, 2008

Britney's back... b*tch!

Spent the day running around to catch up with my media mates. Aiyo. Tengok meka semua keja rindu lak nak full time camtuh. But at the same time, enjoying myself as is, so no real regrets either.

I guess I just miss the routine of it all. But no turning back for me. Apapon, semalam memang best gak cause I caught up with the guys at Berita Harian and Harian Metro as well as New Straits Times punya entertainment desks nak tolong send invites. Isnin kang nak jenguk kengkawan lain kat Utusan dan Kosmo! lak, and then it's on to magazines.

Pas settle, had no idea where to go with Jue dan Juan, and finally ended in KLCC sebab tu je jalan yang nak gi tak jam. Lepak makan sat... masa nak balik tuh, kat parking, sempat paparazzi... damn.. I'm definitely not cut out to be one. Tengok la pic kat bawah. Leh teka sapa?

Merasalah efek video Cloverfield katanya gegar! So guessed sapa tak? Heh... tu Linda in white and her sister tuh. Sempat terjah meka kat parking. Tak turun keta pon sebab kena sumpah keta kat belakang cause we were already on the move out then da.

Sempat ler erm intro cita cita bunga putih tujuh tangkai, kelapa muda dua, air masak sebotol dan limau purut sembilan biji. Heh... kalau korang ingat what that story is about paham la kan? Lagikpon blog Linda pon penah cita pengalaman dia ada kesan kemenyan kat lighter kedua keta dia. Amik ko!

Kang ada masa calling-calling ok Linda, now you finally know my blog. Matilah selama ni tanak expose. Heh!

Got back early. But popped back out pastu gi clubbing. Boring la. Rasanya da tua kot tak mampu nak ikut rentak bebudak. I mean it was almost kind of fun, but entah la, mungkin not for me kot.

Got back and watched the Womanizer music video. Korang da tengok? Britney is so back ok! I think she looks hot! And while the music is sill pretty much very her, I think the fact that she's on the comeback trail and asking herself, "What the hell was I thinking" over the events of the past year, ok la tu kan? Perhaps Jamie Lynn should ask herself that cause that kid is pregnant AGAIN! Aiyo... bloody breeding like rabbits la. Didn't she just have a kid???

Anyway, check out the video below. This is the director's cut, so slightly longer. And yes, there is nudity! Check out the opening shots! Not that revealing, but enough not to possibly make it on on TV.

The Britney nude intro to Womanizer

The characters she plays in the video

Can't wait to get the album, Circus. Hope it's Britney standards. She definitely is unabashed, shameless pop... but you have to love her for that.

I think she looks hot hot hot!!! Yeay Britney! Yawn.. calling it a night.. womanizer... woman-womanizer.. you're a womanizer.. owhhhh... infectious gila. Out!

PS - Shah Rukh Khan will be a Datuk tomorrow! The Yang Dipertua Negeri Melaka Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob will confer the title tomorrow. Aiyo... seriously....



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read about the Datuk title earlier kat sumone's blog..
ape ke hal la si SRK tuh dpt title tuh?
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