Monday, October 06, 2008

Boom de ya da!

Feel exhausted from doing nothing. Sounds impossible? Well pas Raya da move on (even though masih dalam bulan Syawal) aku skang letih sebab nak gerakkan everything yang on hold from the fasting month, to the celebrations. Tak larat sangat.

Give me strength... aduh... leh tak kalao aku cam mamat ni. Mesti power nya. Thank you Amir for the comic relief. Tiap kali baca blog dia mesti aku pecah perot. He's weird and proud of it! There are a lot of overrated blogs out there... Amir is not one of them.

Aku browsing and catching up with his entries. The pic above was from one that I missed out on.
Cam kesial kan? Aduh...

Spent the day with friends most of whom are slowly returning. Supposed to schedule meetings this week. Will see how it all pans out.

Meanwhile, people.. boom de ya da! Erm.. if you don't get Discovery, watch the video below for a feelgood moment. Oh by the way. Faz fans! Faz kan mula shooting Pisau Cukur with Maya Karin this Wednesday. Want pics?



rasanye ada prob ngn link amir tu - u missed a 'z'.

so instead of,it turns out to be - thus leading to a disclaimer {blog not found}.

bkn pe,blog dia mmg sinikal n witty gile,anybody shouldn't give it a miss! ;>

oops! rectified. yeap agree. with little pictures, his words enough nak keep you reading. walaopon dia GILA!!! heard that amir.. ko GILA!!!


tak sabar!
nnti update yer gamba faz!

tak sabar!
nnti update yer gamba faz!

Blog Amir Hafizi memang best! Dahlah blog best, orangnya pun memang perisa barbecue.

Patutlah ramai perempuan yang bangun di pagi hari lepas tu menangis teresak-esak sebab bahagian katil kat sebelah kosong.

Amir Hafizi adalah makhluk paling sempurna ciptaan Tuhan, diturunkan sebagai rahmat kepada sekalian umat manusia.

amir... ko memang psycho la sundal! LOL!