Friday, October 31, 2008

The good news... and the annoyingly and horribly bad!!!

Ok, let's soften the blow with the good news first. You probably have heard about it da.

Petrol and diesel prices are down 15 sen a litre respectively effective tomorrow. RON97 petrol will be reduced from RM2.30 a litre to RM2.15 a litre, RON92 petrol from RM2.20 a litre to RM2.05 a litre and diesel from RM2.20 a litre to RM2.05 a litre.

Now while you think there's something to celebrate.. here's the bad news.

From now on, my fellow smokers brethren, jangan harap ler nak lepak mamak lagik. Tak leh hisap rokok lagik ok, walaopon dok kaki lima. Cam sial tak!!!!

Effective semalam, all restaurants and cafes with outdoor, open air premises, are also declared smoke-free zones. Cam #$%^&*(!!!!!!!

Take a deep breath... sabar... siapa yang ditangkap flouting the regulations, akan kena compund for a maximum of RM5,000 or a fine of RM10,000 or two years jail if found guilty.

Thank you Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai for confining us smokers to our home! I hope non-smokers are happy they don't have to deal with second hand smoke now - and can bloody choke from exhaust fumes jer. I mean - sidewalk pon takleh???? Lori lalu skali pon da worse than sebatang rokok. What the...

This follows the announcement, harga rokok as of 1 January must be at least RM6 for a box of 20s, and all packaging must carry those pictorials of the effects of cancer.

Blah blah blah! I defy you! Aku tetap akan isap rokok! What about my rights as a smoker???

Gila la sampai nak isap rokok pon takde tempat da. Aduh... discrimination!!!!

Open burning, excessive exhaust emissions.... tu semua tanak amik tindakan.

Instead come up lak ewith another buang masa ruling. Sedangkan aku jalan Sungei Wang pun nampak oran isap rokok selamba takde pon kena saman. Pantek tol la ngarut our lawmakers ni kekadang. Nak come up with PC laws konon.. but tak realistik. I think there's more for the enforcement folks to do than saman people for lighting up a fag.

And perhaps they should focus on enforcing just the places sebelom ni sebab I don't see it happening at all. Go to to courts kat Jalan Duta. Kat cafeteria. Bawah signbaord declaring konon takleh isap rokok, the legal community as well as policeman themselves isap rokok ngan selamba. Parliament nak cita camna?

What are we becoming? Singapore??? Where will Singaporeans go to feel free now?

Still I suppose it's not as bad as the anti-pornography law passed in Jakarta which allows the extremists to witch hunt for anything any party deems as pornographic - and that includes allowing a witch hunt for 'sexual deviants' aka anything they don't like.

Hooray for Jakarta!

Boo for lawmakers! Me hope they suffer slow painful deaths!

More bad news. Sharimie (siot je ko kan... huahuahua....) gi upload Kelab Pop yang aku, Juan dan Rudy berlawan ngan Ifa, Serina and Fazli. been avoiding it for two days - but the inevitable happened and Sharimie da letak online. So aku pasrah je la.

So now I know what people saw, and ni pon first time aku tengok. Korang nak.. layan je la.

Ni si Juan siap tangkap kuar info kat Astro

Korang nak carut tuh.. carotlah. Yang penting nya...menang. Huahuahua... be posting more tomorrow with my Halloween look. Korang judge la jadik ke tak kang ek.

PS - Boo on the Altantuya decision and yeay for the rear seatbealt ruling.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The eve.. of All Hallows Eve

It was a dark night. Except for the street lamps, the shop lights, passing vehicle headlamps, the lip lap of lampu hiasan rumah kat depan tuh sebab Deepavali da abih owner lom tanggal..

Terang bulan... iyolah.. tu lampu jalan jerk...korang imagination kuat la sikit...

Location kat Pelita. Dalam keta aku. Matilah... setting nak horror konon tapi fail. Sebenarnya pas run about the whole day, aku dok tunggu sorang sorang sampai ni nak makan.

So bosan bosan, me try on the contact lens pinjam dari Che Pat (korang dengar Suria FM, dia la yang gossip cam lahar tak sedar dosa tuh - matilah aku!!!!)

This will be completing look for my get-up tomorrow. Ok tak? Ala ala creepy sikit tak?

Scary isn't it... the oily skin

Ok so it's just the lens lah. Takkan nak amik pic yang siap kan? Lagikpon me have lots of work to do for my look still. Just the eyes at least complete la the look kang. Tima kasih che Kie kerana membantu mencantikkan mata aku ala horror, walaopon terpaksa melalui drama noya dulu. Matilah...

Anyways, my whole day today spent on picking up stuff to get ready for the event on Saturday. Yes, while everyone's parading their outfit on Friday night tomorrow on All Hallows's Eve, the Nuffnang event is only on Saturday night, so malam besok aku kena last minute touches.

Drop by my fave place to pick up my stock of liquid latex and spirit gum. Prosthetics aku pakai yang siap ada jerk.

The shop was packed gila! Yes, welcome to Costumes 'N' Parties. The shop is located in City Square, next to Yow Chuan Plaza, seberang jalan dari Ampang Park jerk. Ala.. yang Empire Tower tepi tuh je.

It is THE place of the many costume shops I know (and I know a lot) yang damn reasonable prices, good service AND very good selection.

If you need a costume pronto! (especially if you heading for the Nuffnang gath) try out the place. Call the number as seen in the pic ok. Or just Google the shop name.

But back to seeing the mad last minute crowd grabbing at costumes, glad I made up my mind not to rent a costume (borinnnnggg!) as I can imagine everyone showing up in something that came frm a shop. So unimaginative.

I can't post too long - need to get to work on the ensemble already, lots to be done. Esok je aku posting lagik.

PS - Yeay! Petrol price going down again tomorrow!!! By 15 sen!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weird and whacky

Been busy preparing several unimportant things, like the Halloween 'do this Saturday. Aduh, clash lak ngan a private party a friend is throwing for his birthday. Camna nih.

Anyway, back to my preparations for the Halloween event, which will be held the day after the actual All Hallows Eve celebrations, pening nak run about trying to get things together.

Thanks to the lovely KL jam, and janji yang nan ado kengkawan, I was only left rushing about with nothing to show for in a few hours.

Singgah the Aidilfitri event with Akademi Fantasia, but didn't stay long. It was nice to see the gathering of fans and all, but maybe me too much da bab open house da tak larat with the festivities da kot.. plus sebab da janji a couple more places and had to zoom off.

Sempat snappy a few pics as usual. Sorry pada fans of Riz and Nadia sebab tak sempat snappy, as well as several others. Ni je yang aku mampu.

Closed the night with a Pelita session as usual. There were more CMs there than ever! CM meaning control macho - jenis yang dok sana pose berangan.

Which is of course a natural occurrence there whenever Faz is around, sebab jantan-jantan semua cam nak give off an air of, that look at me thing. Eewwww! What men to to try and impress women...

Both of us were having a chat when Linda dropped by, having a meeting with several friends there as well.

Suka tau pose pose peace nih!

Ni posing ke ngumpat?

Talked to Linda about what happened masa results show Sehati Berdansa. Kan dia announce pasangan Asheed tuh cam excited gila kan?

Well, actually she was supposed to do the build up, tapi akibat miscommunication gituh, si Fahrin took her lines. Dia lak ended up announcing and it just came out wrong and she sounded cam excited lak nak announce the eliminated couple. Dia da since then mintak maap on air anyways.

Simple human error lor. Sometimes we do that. Just as long as we learn from our mistakes ok la tuh.

Syed joined us later, and pas an hour or so, Faz left sebab esok shooting awal. Then slowly the rest of the group singgah, termasuk bebudak 6ixth Sense. Berejam la duduk. Ok la.. nak gi settle some things and get some sleep. Night all...

Sama tak Adi ngan my lion keychain?

PS - Will post my double episode Heroes review soon... sorry for the delay.

PS lagik dan lagi - Camna ek bunyi kalao Fazura nyanyi?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some days I'm a super b*tch!

I have so been waiting for this music video I just had to share it the moment it came out, which was just a while ago! This is the new single from Christina Aguilera, and it's called Keeps Getting Better, and it's so my vibe of the moment.

The song is the first single of the greatest hits album, titled Keeps Gettin' Better - A Decade of Hits, to be released on November 11 in the States (when will it reach here we don't know) to commemorate Aguilera's ten years in the music industry

The greatest hits will include her four number one singles, as well as other songs released from her previous three albums. Keeps Gettin' Better, the song, premiered at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards and was her highest debut peaking at 7 on the Billboard Hot 100.

If you're absolutely nuts about Christina like I am, look out for the album!

Keeps Gettin' Better - A Decade of Hits
1. Genie In A Bottle (New Version)
2. What A Girl Wants
3. Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)
4. Lady Marmalade (New Version)
5. Dirrty (featuring Redman)
6. Beautiful (New Version)
7. Fighter
8. Ain’t No Other Man
9. Hurt
10. Candyman
11. Keeps Gettin’ Better
12. Dynamite

Me watching the video again. Layan.... and if you guys nak sing-a-long, here's the lyrics. Why? Cause I'm singing along to it at the moment. Full day today. Will post again later...

Keeps Gettin' Better
Step back gonna come at ya fast
I'm driving out of control
And getting ready to crash
Won't stop shaking up what I can
I serve it up in a shot
So suck it down like a man
So baby yes I know what I am
And no I don't give a damn
And you'll be loving it

Some days I'm a super bitch
Up to my old tricks
But it won't last forever
Next day I'm your super girl
Out to save the world
And it keeps gettin' better

Kiss kiss gonna tell you right now
I'll make it sweet on the lips as it can knock you out
Shut up I don't care what you say
Cuz when we both in the ring you're gonna like it my way
Yeah baby there's a villain in me so sexy sour and sweet
And you'll be loving it

Some days I'm a super bitch
Up to my old tricks
But it won't last forever
Next day I'm your super girl
Out to save the world
And it keeps gettin' better

Hold on
Keeps gettin' better
Hold on
Keeps gettin' better

In the blink of an eye
In the speed of the light
I'll hold the universe up
And make your planets collide
When I strap on my boots
And I slip on my suit
You see the vixen in me
Becomes an angel for you

Some days I'm a super bitch
Up to my old tricks
But it won't last forever
Next day I'm your super girl
Out to save the world
And it keeps gettin' better

Some days I'm a super bitch
Up to my old tricks
But it won't last forever
Next day I'm your super girl
Out to save the world
And it keeps gettin' better

Hold on
Keeps gettin' better
Hold on
Keeps gettin' better

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mawi sanding!

Gila ke tak tajuk posting nih! Beriya jer kan? Plan nikah and sanding bulan Disember tapi propah jerk aku katakan da sanding!

Bakal pengantin baru

Merasalah sebenarnya nak practise camna dok kat pelamin jerk. In other words, olok-olok jer...

Sebenarnya pic ni dirakamkan masa open house Farihad malam semalam. Aku sampai about 9pm, and rupanya da ramai kat rumah pon.

So kecoh la, apa lagik. Farihad aka Bobo works tuk the entertainment desk in Berita Harian. Dia ngan Wan wat open house smalam, and kengkawan media semua hadir. Seronok gak sebab dapat catch up ngan member-member semua comprising of local media. Lagikpon, aku tak lama lagik akan bergelar EX-MALAYSIAN press member. Matilah speku... rezeki nok. Kalao ada.

So anyway, celah celah tuh, aku spotted Ekin dulu. And then baru Mawi. Heh.. pic tu aku rakam pas dera Mawi dan Ekin tuk posing camna la rupa kat pelamin kang.

Pas pose je, kengkawan semua melayan ler amik pics. Hah.. kang kat Kulai kang da susah sebab ramai berebut kang... so ni kira advance la.

Kesian Ali, PA Mawi kena buli ngan bos

Dapat gak aku catch up ngan Mawi sebab da lama tak dapat lepak ngan dia sebab kesibukan (pasnih lagik la once da married) Chat ler pasal magic (wajib punya topik nih) as well as beberapa perkara yang berkaitan dan tidak berkaitan.

Seronok gak sebab it was a small, intimate gathering of invited friends jerk, tapi dalam dua puluh orang pon or so dalam rumah tu, aku rasa cam nak pecah rumah tu sebab riuh rendah sangat.

Cam whores unite!

Let's see, Aznil muncul ngan Lan. There was abang Bad and Diddy. And then kengkawan Press. Aduh.. let me see if I can name everyone there. From Berita Harian - Nurul, Jaydee and Surihanie, from Harian Metro - Rudy and Abie, from Utusan Malaysia - Shazryn, from Kosmo! - Saharudin, from Astro Awani - Shazwan and from Bacaria - Meen.

Ramai lagik patut datang, tapi ada yang bertugas cover Sehati Berdansa punya result show, so tak dapat join skali (walaopon Astro dekat dan Bobo tutup kedai pon pas kami gerak past 1am)

Arghh!! Jerawat!!! Takpe.. umo aku 32 aku bangga masih cukup muda ada jerawat... katanya...

Tengah kecoh gosip la, ngumpat la, borak la... tetiba muncul.. erm...

Dahlah buat open house very the ala ala nak sambut Diwali sebab on the eve of the Festival of Lights, motif ada cake? Bukan ada birthday sesapa. No idea sapa yang bawak the cake...

Terus ada adengan.. erm.. potong cake! Motif Bobo berdrama?

Still all in all, it was good fun, despite a few incidents nak bagik memasing pecah perot (takyah cita sini). Sapa hadir gelak sendiri ye...

Thanks Bobo kerana nak kongsi rezeki ngan kengkawan semua yang berulang alik ke meja buffet akibat hidangan yang vast! Semoga bertambah rezeki ko...

And next year, konsep open house apa lak. Da kali ni featuring Mawi, tahun depan kena lengkap Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and hubby ngan anak (doakan). Kalao Mawi dan Ekin pun da ada hasil pun bawak skali, meletup lah.

Cuma lain kali jangan ajak orang Astro Awani bawah ni, sebab da takde kerja carut koleksi CD mu. Matilah aku! Heh... tak sesuai tau Syazwan ni.. takleh bawak majlis betol (ampun Syazwan!!!)

Last but not least, sebelom undur diri for this entry, just wanna wish everyone out there, a blessed Diwali. To everyone, have a good holiday, and stay safe!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

"But he hasn't got anything on."

Aku ari ni surfing sana sini jer siang bila bangun awal. Sampai bosan tido balik, and then when I got up I repeated the process. Heh... lazy Sundays kan?

Anyway, came across this fairy tale I remember as a kid, saja nak share it with you guys. Korang baca elok-elok and see how it applies to real life. Me likey! I know of one particular situation ada yang live their life by yes-men je. Nak orang stuju dia hebat je... hasilnya nan ado bila semua keliling mencarut pun tak sedar masih bangga.

Oh well.. read on...

by Hans Christian Andersen (1805-75)
adapted by Stephen Corrin in Stories for Seven-Year-Olds. London 1964

Many years ago there lived an Emperor who was so exceedingly fond of fine new clothes that he spent vast sums of money on dress. To him clothes meant more than anything else in the world. He took no interest in his army, nor did he care to go to the theatre, or to drive about in his state coach, unless it was to display his new clothes. He had different robes for every single hour of the day.

In the great city where he lived life was gay and strangers were always coming and going. Everyone knew about the Emperor's passion for clothes.

Now one fine day two swindlers, calling themselves weavers, arrived. They declared that they could make the most magnificent cloth that one could imagine; cloth of most beautiful colours and elaborate patterns. Not only was the material so beautiful, but the clothes made from it had the special power of being invisible to everyone who was stupid or not fit. for his post.

"What a splendid idea," thought the Emperor. "What useful clothes to have. If I had such a suit of clothes I could know at once which of my people is stupid or unfit for his post."

So the Emperor gave the swindlers large sums of money and the two weavers set up their looms in the palace. They demanded the finest thread of the best silk and the finest gold and they pretended to work at their looms. But they put nothing on the looms. The frames stood empty. The silk and gold thread they stuffed into their bags. So they sat pretending to weave, and continued to work at the empty loom till late into the night. Night after night they went home with their money and their bags full of the finest silk and gold thread. Day after day they pretended to work.

Now the Emperor was eager to know how much of the cloth was finished, and would have loved to see for himself. He was, however, somewhat uneasy. "Suppose," he thought secretly, "suppose I am unable to see the cloth. That would mean I am either stupid or unfit for my post. That cannot be," he thought, but all the same he decided to send for his faithful old minister to go and see. "He will best be able to see how the cloth looks. He is far from stupid and splendid at his work."

So the faithful old minister went into the hall where the two weavers sat beside the empty looms pretending to work with all their might.

The Emperor's minister opened his eyes wide. "Upon my life!" he thought. "I see nothing at all, nothing." But he did not say so.

The two swindlers begged him to come nearer and asked him how he liked it. "Are not the colors exquisite, and see how intricate are the patterns," they said. The poor old minister stared and stared. Still he could see nothing, for there was nothing. But he did not dare to say he saw nothing. "Nobody must find out,"' thought he. "I must never confess that I could not see the stuff."

"Well," said one of the rascals. "You do not say whether it pleases you."

"Oh, it is beautiful-most excellent, to be sure. Such a beautiful design, such exquisite colors. I shall tell the Emperor how enchanted) I am with the cloth."

"We are very glad to hear that," said the weavers, and they started to describe the colors and patterns in great detail. The old minister listened very carefully so that he could repeat the description to the Emperor. They also demanded more money and more gold thread, saying that they needed it to finish the cloth. But, of course, they put all they were given into their bags and pockets and kept on working at their empty looms.

Soon after this the Emperor sent another official to see how the men were ,getting on and to ask whether the cloth would soon be ready. Exactly the same happened with him as with the minister. He stood and stared, but as there was nothing to be seen, he could see nothing.

"Is not the material beautiful?" said the swindlers, and again they talked of 'the patterns and the exquisite colors. "Stupid I certainly am not," thought the official. "Then I must be unfit for my post. But nobody shall know that I could not see the material." Then he praised the material he did not see and declared that he was delighted with the colors and the marvelous patterns.

To the Emperor he said when he returned, "The cloth the weavers are preparing is truly magnificent."

Everybody in the city had heard of the secret cloth and were talking about the splendid material.

And now the Emperor was curious to see the costly stuff for himself while it was still upon the looms. Accompanied by a number of selected ministers, among whom were the two poor ministers who had already been before, the Emperor went to the weavers. There they sat in front of the empty looms, weaving more diligently than ever, yet without a single thread upon the looms.

"Is not the cloth magnificent?" said the two ministers. "See here, the splendid pattern, the glorious colors." Each pointed to the empty loom. Each thought that the other could see the material.

"What can this mean?" said the Emperor to himself. "This is terrible. Am I so stupid? Am I not fit to be Emperor? This is disastrous," he thought. But aloud he said, "Oh, the cloth is perfectly wonderful. It has a splendid pattern and such charming colors." And he nodded his approval and smiled appreciatively and stared at the empty looms. He would not, he could not, admit he saw nothing, when his two ministers had praised the material so highly. And all his men looked and looked at the empty looms. Not one of them saw anything there at all. Nevertheless, they all said, "Oh, the cloth is magnificent."

They advised the Emperor to have some new clothes made from this splendid material to wear in the great procession the following day.

"Magnificent." "Excellent." "Exquisite," went from mouth to mouth and everyone was pleased. Each of the swindlers was given a decoration to wear in his button-hole and the title of "Knight of the Loom".

The rascals sat up all that night and worked, burning more than sixteen candles, so that everyone could see how busy they were making the suit of clothes ready for the procession. Each of them had a great big pair of scissors and they cut in the air, pretending to cut the cloth with them, and sewed with needles without any thread.

There was great excitement in the palace and the Emperor's clothes were the talk of the town. At last the weavers declared that the clothes were ready. Then the Emperor, with the most distinguished gentlemen of the court, came to the weavers. Each of the swindlers lifted up an arm as if he were holding something. "Here are Your Majesty's trousers," said one. "This is Your Majesty's mantle," said the other. "The whole suit is as light as a spider's web. Why, you might almost feel as if you had nothing on, but that is just the beauty of it."

"Magnificent," cried the ministers, but they could see nothing at all. Indeed there was nothing to be seen.

"Now if Your Imperial Majesty would graciously consent to take off your clothes," said the weavers, "we could fit on the new ones." So the Emperor laid aside his clothes and the swindlers pretended to help him piece by piece into the new ones they were supposed to have made.

The Emperor turned from side to side in front of the long glass as if admiring himself.

"How well they fit. How splendid Your Majesty's robes look: What gorgeous colors!" they all said.

"The canopy which is to be held over Your Majesty in the procession is waiting," announced the Lord High Chamberlain.

"I am quite ready," announced the Emperor, and he looked at himself again in the mirror, turning from side to side as if carefully examining his handsome attire.

The courtiers who were to carry the train felt about on the ground pretending to lift it: they walked on solemnly pretending to be carrying it. Nothing would have persuaded them to admit they could not see the clothes, for fear they would be thought stupid or unfit for their posts.

And so the Emperor set off under the high canopy, at the head of the great procession. It was a great success. All the people standing by and at the windows cheered and cried, "Oh, how splendid are the Emperor's new clothes. What a magnificent train! How well the clothes fit!" No one dared to admit that he couldn't see anything, for who would want it to be known that he was either stupid or unfit for his post?

None of the Emperor's clothes had ever met with such success.

But among the crowds a little child suddenly gasped out, "But he hasn't got anything on." And the people began to whisper to one another what the child had said. "He hasn't got anything on." "There's a little child saying he hasn't got anything on." Till everyone was saying, "But he hasn't got anything on." The Emperor himself had the uncomfortable feeling that what they were whispering was only too true. "But I will have to go through with the procession," he said to himself.

So he drew himself up and walked boldly on holding his head higher than before, and the courtiers held on to the train that wasn't there at all.

Tuh dia... ko ado? Berangan tak sudah.. so walaopon kena carot dan tau kenyataan in the end, pun kena teruskan the charade sebab ego kan, malu dengan kebodohan sendiri.

Moral of the story - get off your high horse before you fall off on your ass and smack it real hard.

On something unrelated, thanks to Ning for this comment on my facebook wall. Sorry ler guys and gals yang try to add me on facebook. Aku facebook pakai tuk orang industry hiburan je, sebab tuk networking work related matters. Kalao korang nak add aku kat myspace takpe. Tu public. Aku bukan jenis nak kumpul bebanyak walau tak kenal pon. Stakat beribu kawan dalam myspace ke facebook - kalao realiti nan ado buat apa kan?

Anyway - thanks again Ning. Memang la.. biarkan saja apa orang cakap. Teruskan je dengan hidup. Waste of time and energy nak layan orang-orang yang hanya tau mencari kesalahan orang tanpa tengok diri sendiri. Heh...

So penutup entry ni? Mrs Dalton?

PS - Remember to add Ning Baizura Hamzah Dalton on facebook ok.

PS lagik dan lagi... jangan salah anggap simpati tu tanda sokongan. Matilah...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A normal Saturday night - not so for me

Been a long time sejak I do anything remotely like normal, like go out for dinner and movies and stuff.

Smalam, thanks to Sarol for the dinner. Lain kali aku belanja lak ek. Hope you liked the place. Mouth-watering tak. It's a Chinese restaurant (depan je balai polis Brickfields) called Merdeka. Halal ok.. and prices ok, taste pon sodap. If you guys wanna try some halal Chinese food, this is the place.

Makan dua orang, tapi ya ampun, order tak hengat nih.

Anyway area sana, as well as perjalalan nak ke KL my goodness, packed ngan last minute shoppers for the Deepavali rush. Amik ko... dari highway dari Klang sampai ke KL.

So this is why they call it the festival of lights...

Rempits - like stray dogs, wander in packs. Dah la nunggang cara merbahaya beramai-ramai, kat main road highway lak tu instead of motorcycle lane.

Tuk elak jam, went for a movie kat Mid Valley Megamall. Check out this car spotted there. Erm... in a way I suppose it was uniquely nice, tapi mak aih siap ngan interior dia tema warna tuh!

Dude! Someone painted your car pink.. erm.. no? You mean they didn't run out of paint?

Feather boa and furry pink and white lining tuh!

We didn't have long to wait for the movie to start. Sempat snappy upcoming movie nih. Kenapa cam familiar sangat ek. Heh... cam two of my favourite actresses je.

Yeay!! Faz and Nani!

By the way, kalao nak letak ad carik orang tuk keja, erm.. check betol betol ek apa yang ko advertise tuh.

So you're sweet, pleasant, energetic with a positive mindset and want to be filled in by that many people???
I'll be sure to called ok! Matilah...

So we watched... The House Bunny!!!

Not too bad. Worth a laugh. Actually better than that. Kelakar nak mampos. Ok la tuh. It's a little brain dead, tapi lawak dia takla ngarut slapstick, and there were some things most of the audience found hard to get ("Oh, well at least you have your T&A")

Went for a drink and headed back. Seriously whole town roadblock sana sini. Kaw kaw nya... me like! Roadblocks during festive times are good. Especially kalao :
1. You don't drink
2. You already on the way, not going out while friends screaming for you to be on time.
3. It's like a giant parking lot so leh ramah mesra ngan kuarga dan commuters lain kat sebelah kiri dan kanan.
4. Ko leh enjoy a wide variety of music (kalao dapat jenis yang nak tayang how much they spent on their sound system but not on their collection of CDs)
5. You get a laugh when the guy yang cut you off speeding tadik kena tahan, and the rempits racing past you lintang pukang lari tinggalkan motor pastuh.

Ok.. so I know I have to wash my windscreen

Ok... calling it a night...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Get jiggy with it

Semalam ke rakaman Sehati Berdansa. Had like three open house invitations tapi tak kuasa, so ke Astro ler. FYI pada meka yang ikut musim kedua of Sehati Berdansa nih, the recording of the performances is on Thursday night, tuk di tayangkan on Saturday.

So basically, apa aku lihat smalam, korang dapat tonton besok la. Unless of course you were in the audience too yesterday night. The results show though will be live the next day.

Just shot some pics, gabbed with some media friends, and got some very happy news in relation to my career. Syukur.. and syukur lagi.

Dalam kengkawan press berborak, banyak gak pertanyaan memacam benda, tapi aku malas nak komen apa apa sebab kang orang kata kita busuk hati lak kan. Silence is golden gituh. Besides... if there's anything I learnt, just sit tight, and enjoy the ride when it comes to life. When it gets a little bumpy, hold on in the belief it's just momentary. And if someone is the result of it, just smile, and let karma take its own course.

Biar orang yang cakap...

Aku skang da tak kuasa nak melatah nak meroyan etc. Too many people do it already. So five minutes ago. Matilah ko.... heh...

Ni some shots I managed to snap between the gossiping and the cigarette breaks at the exit.

Nak bawak balik je disco ball gedabak tuh

Yes, you guessed it. Tema disco. Though why Khai looks like Elvis I'll never get. Heh.. go go Khai and Rosma!

Pasangan Mazin and pasangan Amyza

Bob Azrai overseeing the show. Posing power ke ke memang slalu vogue maut camtuh slalu?

The couples involved

It was fun and I think you guys should tune in if you in front of the TV. Enjoyable, though aku have to admit tergelak aku sparuh pasangan peserta tuh very the two left feet.

Had supper and gabbed with some friends. Today pun lepak lepak camtuh je. Esok ada lagik open house. Aduh.. seriously aku tak larat. Pasni nak kena lawat melawat tuk Deepavali lak. Merasalah ko...

Be posting soon. Busy with something at the moment. Until later...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Word from Ning

Some parts edited as this is my blog and I reserve the right to publish what I choose. Ning called me up tadi to chat, and here is her statement made masa press conference tadi.

I just hope with this statement, takde yang kata dia lupa diri and all which is a picture I see being painted by some. Who says Ning takkan do the same for herself if not better being independent. Tuk aku, sh*t happens, and that's life. To everyone involved, good luck and all the best.

Meanwhile, to everyone reading, add Ning on facebook. Just search for Ning Baizura Hamzah Dalton. Now on to Ning's words.


Terlebih dahulu, saya minta maaf kalau saya kena refer pada nota saya, kerana ini bukan pekara yang mudah untuk saya lakukan.. Jadi dalam situasi ini saya nak pastikan yang saya tak merepek dan membuang masa semua orang hari ini.

Selama 16 tahun dalam bidang seni, saya telah lalui berbagai pengalaman, pahit manis, positive and negative. Alhamdullillah saya sentiasa bersyukur kerana dikurniai oleh Allah dengan bakat yang seadanya, kematangan, keyakinan, kekuatan dan keinginan untuk sentiasa menambahkan ilmu untuk terus berjaya dalam bidang yang sangat saya sayangi ini.

Saya amat berterima kasih kerana dapat melakukan semua itu dengan adanya seorang sahabat, abang, business partner dan pengurus seperti *****. Hasil dari segala tunjuk ajar, kasih sayang, semangat yang beliau berikan dan segala pengalaman yang kami timba bersama selama lapan tahun telah memberi saya kekuatan dan keyakinan untuk berdikari.

Dengan ini, saya dan ***** telah bersepakat untuk membubarkan Ning & Assoc. yang kami sayangi demi memulakan episod baru dalam kerjaya kami masing-masing. Ning & Assoc. yang kami bina bersama akan sentiasa menjadi tanda kejayaan ***** dan Ning Baizura.

Artiste United Records juga telah saya serahkan bulat-bulat kepada *****, dan sesungguhnya saya yakin artiste-artiste di bawah naungan label ini akan terus berjaya dengan segala bimbingan dan tunjuk ajar seorang yang berkaliber seperti *****. Tetunya mereka akan mendapat yang terbaik yang pernah saya sendiri peroleh bersama beliau dulu.

Saya percaya, di lubuk hati *****, beliau pasti berbangga dengan kekuatan, keberanian dan azam saya untuk menguruskan kerjaya saya sendiri mulai dari sekarang. Namun ini tidak bermakna kami tidak akan bekerjasama lagi kerana industri kita ini kecil and we will always support each other.

Dari itu, dengan secara rasmi, saya ingin mengumumkan bahawa mulai hari ini, saya mulakan tanggungjawab utama saya iaitu menguruskan dan mengendalikan show-show saya sendiri. Ini bererti, sesiapa yang ingin menjemput saya membuat persembahan, sila hubungi nombor; 012-**** *** atau email kepada

Saya akhiri dengan ucapan terima kasih yang tak terhingga kepada pihak media, teman-teman rapat, dan tentunya ***** yang selama ini sentiasa memberi saya semangat dan sokongan yang tidak putus-putus. Saya harap anda semua akan terus menyokong dan berdoa untuk kejayaan kami masing-masing.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let them eat cake

The proverb 'Let them eat cake' is a saying that shows insensitivity to or incomprehension of the realities of life for the unfortunate. Rousseau, in his Confessions, tells of a great princess who, on being informed that the country people had no bread, replied, “Let them eat cake.”

So in light of recent gossip, I can only say... let them eat cake! Aku memang da ilang any sensitivity da. I have said it once and I will say it again. Life is a bitch! And you reap what you sow. Bangkai dipakai perfume pun lama-lama akan berbau gak kan.. kan.. kan?

Pada yang dimaksudkan, ko dulu slalu kata I like the drama of playing victim. All I can say is, look in the mirror and question yourself. Why do things happen as so? You can tell the whole world all sorts of things, but the reality, you pretty much know yourself. So stop trying to convince yourself and take stock of your life, your weaknesses and your sins against others.

You have lost any sense of humility, and your priorities have changed. Something I told you ages ago. Tapi tanak dengar kan? How many people you want to turn their backs on you sebelom sedar?

Your berangan is killing yourself. So sedar la diri. Sedar lah apa kau buat. Stop justifying things and blaming others. Sometimes it's just YOUR own stinking fault. Admit it, and maybe some may forgive.

But that is your choice kan? So takyah buat pun takpe. Teruskan berangan.. smakin tua smakin menjadi some say. Prove people wrong by realising what a dick you've been.

You have lost friends because of this. A lot of them. It's like the saying, "You can't have your cake and eat it too."

Matilah aku tema kek kan...

Anyway, berkait.. akibatnya akan ada la sesi potong kek kang. Potong kek? What is that? For those who don't know - potong kek is slang tuk mencarut mengenai perpisahan. You know... like cut the cake.. into pieces etc. Biasalah bahasa adik-adik ni, benda tak elok nak cover ngan terma vast kan?

So to one party - be strong and keep going on and all the best cause I suspect your reasons to be pretty similar to mine for disassociation. Yang lagik satu tu? Kurangkan berangan and come back to earth to be yourself which was loved before you began morphing into something that has cause people to shy away.

All this talk of cake is making me hungry lak... excuse me while I hunt for some...

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

I've been to several Halloween parties before, though I never discovered the joy of dressing up in theme until a few years back. I have to thank Is and gang for inspiring me.

For one, served with endless mundane and very common choices of costume (yes, very creative sir... coming as Dracula?) it wasn't much of thrill. Not to mention I'd never won before this (which is ok cause I never wore a costume anyways - or it's be an insult to win for just your real face like I know how some easily can)

Ahh... but that was then, and this is now.

I've been experimenting with theatrical and film and TV stuff on how to look my freakiest for some time now. Yes, prosthetics and latex liquid is your friend - if you have the patience and time for for it.

I didn't, until the Nuffnang Dark Knight premiere not too long ago. Two hours (which is a very rush job), and this was my take of Heath Ledger's Joker.

Ok, I know the pics of me isn't all that hot - but I hadn't won the Nokia yet then

Not too bad. But seriously tak puas hati. I know I can do a lot more. The work wasn't so clean simply because I lacked time. Tapi kali ni for Halloween, I already have the freakiest look I can imagine in mind.

It's the Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween - held the day after the usual celebrations! I am so going to go all out and win another phone. Actually looking forward to getting an N96 to add to the N95 8GB I won at the premiere for my Joker ensemble.

Was initially disappointed that they offered the N96 as a post event prize. But saw that the Nokia 5320 XpressMusic phone and Nokia 5220 XpressMusic phone were up for grabs, so started on my homework for my transformation.

To the Nuffnang family - my invite better be in the post, or you're going to have deceased rock star showing up to crash the party! Heh... did I just give away what I was coming in?

Strangely enough, there's a weird twist for this party. To be held at the Borneo Baruk Club everyone's got to bring their mobile phone and headphones. Why? Simply because they cuting down on budget for the audio system and the need for a DJ (haiyoo... and I expect an invite like this meh?) Of course not la.. just the theme of things.

Welcome to Malaysia’s first Silent Dance Party! Those invited will be handed invitation emails along with a link to download music tracks for the Silent Dance Party onto phone or any other mobile music devices for use. Or so they tell us as they keeping everything secret.

A silent party? Interesting!

Here's my top ten list of why that would so rock! Let's count them down.

Top 10 Reasons Why A Silent Dance Party Rocks (with Nokia) - I feel so David Letterman!
10. You don't have the awkwardness of not knowing anyone, and can just pretend you're too cool for school with what's on your headphones.

9. No need for idle small talk.

8. You don't have to put up with crap playlists and have your own stuff to dance to which is probably more listenable.

7. You can always blame your lack of dance abilities on others not hearing the beats you are hearing.

6. You get to show off those expensive Bluetooth headphones you bought finally without people thinking, "What a showoff!"

5. There will be no need to hear high pitched squeals, screams, giggles and such everytime someone walks through the door in a funky costume reminding you that you're not taking the Nokia home.

4. On the reverse of number 6, you get to show how cheap your headphones are, so they inspire some sort of sympathy from the judges to award you with the Nokia and Bluetooth headsets they dishing out.

3. If someone shows up in something horrible (and not in a good way) and you laugh because you had no idea coming as a pink Hello Kitty fits into the Halloween celebrities theme, it won't be construed as rude as they assume you tengah layan something else.

2. Nuffnang gets to lower budget expenditure with piped in music at the club out of the list meaning they can splurge more on festivities and prizes and possibly more events.

1. And the number one reason - so when I have my headphone plugged in, I can waltz right past the reception despite not receiving an invite and mumble disgruntled about how some people never listen when I mumble something about me being someone invited - konon occupied on headphones.

Oooh me getting the tingles and shivers dah. Have to finish up my costume for that night. Trust me, I am coming back with a phone! What am I going as? Trust me - it's going to rock you with the Halloween celebs theme. Tim and Co., engrave my phone with my nickname. Heh!!!

To other Nuffnang family members, get your invites NOW! CLICK HERE for more info

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wiwi ♥ Kikin

So today was the day of the big announcement!

Finally so many things put to rest. Lega hati. Tatau camna nak pegang rahsia da sebab banyak yang dengar tu, sebenarnya tau lama da. Matilah insider news katanya.

Sampai je Palace of the Golden Horses, si Mawi lom sampai. So lepak, and jumpa kengkawan, camwhoring and so on just to pass time. After buat dosa ngumpat dan kongsi gosip, went out for a smoke kat reception area.

Botak sampai shortly. He looks happy alright. So memang today is his moment. Sempat cakap ngan dia jap je before he was whisked to the waiting room tuk get ready for the big announcement.

And then it came. Am happy for Mawi, honestly. Setuju ke tidak pilihan dia, tidak ada sesiapa yang berhak bersuara. Ramai tanya what I think since I know him personally.

My answer is - the boy deserves someone who he believes is the right one, and kalau Ekin pilihan hati dia, doakan sajalah yang terbaik. Bukan kita daam keadaan dia kan? So mintak je la yang elok.

Mawi, aku kenal hang dari Konsert Prelude. Banyak aku borak ngan ko dari dulu. Sampai penah nasihat, gaduh (takde la teruk.. manja manja je) and so on. You celebrated my birthday, siap penah belikan present tuk aku bila gi Australia. Heh... dalam popular ko pun, botak... sempat lepak kita nak berendam swimming pool tengah malam kat Mauritius beramai ramai kan.

Despite ko superstar camna pon, aku bangga ko masih mampu bukak telinga ko, dan hati ko pada nasihat aku. Yerla... ko kan raja SMS (dan kini bakal raja sehari) For me however, you will always be Asmawi.

Aku rasa ko satu satunya artis yang bawah tekanan camna pon, you are more real than a lot of the hypocrites out there yang plastik depan orang and cover memacam.
Keep being yourself, and I am more proud to say of you have been a friend.

Walaupun magic aku masih lebih hebat dari ko. Matilah aku...

So now you are going to end your bujang days, aku mintak la yang elok, and hope you made the right choice, and wish you all the best in everything.

Everyone's entitled to be happy. You too... so the whole media circus aside, aku sokong ko botak and I hope ko akan bertahan bersama sehingga ke akhir hayat!

Anyway, just in case korang tatau, here are some facts about the announcements siang tadi,

Pasangan Wiwi dan Kikin (matilah aku kan panggil Wiwi dan Kikin) akan bernikah di salah sebuah masjid di Johor Bahru pada 20 Disember dengan persandingan pihak perempuan di Stadium Tertutup Johor Bahru pada sebelah malamnya dengan berkonsepkan moden kontemporari.

Majlis resepsi pihak lelaki pula akan diadakan pada 28 Disember di Dewan Felda Taib Andak, Kulai dengan tema Jawa.

Dijangkakan kira-kira 15,000 tetamu termasuk para peminatnya akan hadir memeriahkan majlis itu memandangkan lokasi yang dipilih itu sesuai untuk kehadiran jumlah tetamu yang besar.

Sehari sebelum resepsi itu, Mawi juga bakal mengadakan konsert istimewa bersama rakan-rakan Akademi Fantasia (dipercayai lebih kepada mereka yang dari musim ketiga, satu 'generasi' dari Mawi, secara percuma untuk peminatnya pada 27 Disember di Padang Felda Taib Andak, Kulai sebagai 'hadiah' untuk peminat-peminatnya yang banyak memberi sokongan terhadap karier seninya itu.

Resepsi istimewa bercirikan ala-Arab di Palace of The Golden Horses juga bakal diadakan pada 11 Januari depan yang bakal dihadiri oleh tetamu-tetamu jemputan khas termasuklah rakan-rakan artis.

Mawi dan Ekin akan turut menghadiri kursus kahwin pada 4 November ini di Masjid Putrajaya yang mana kursus khas yang disediakan oleh pihak Astro Oasis itu akan turut dirakam dan disiarkan di saluran tersebut di dalam tiga segmen bermula pada 17 hingga 19 Disember.

Saluran itu akan turut menyiarkan secara langsung majlis akad nikah pada 20 Disember bermula jam 11 pagi manakala pada 28 Disember, Astro Prima pula akan bertindak selaku penyiar rasmi majlis resepsi Mawi pada jam tujuh malam.

Astro Ria pula akan menyiarkan resepsi istimewa di Palace of the Golden Horses pada pukul 7.30 malam.

Ni some pics from the event today. Heh.. silly trivia question. Kalao korang nak tau apa ringtone Mawi - it's Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Matilah ko botak... heh.. aduh... pening nak dengar tiap kali call private line ko! Ekin pun leh carut kan pakai ringtone tu. Tukau!

Enjoy the pics guys, and please kalau nak amik tempek mana mana, silakan. TAPI please kredit and tambahkan a link here.

The stage is set!

Beberapa minit sebelum pengumuman

The happy couple - soon to be wedded

Ekin's twin in Aein

Kesian Ali. Aku nak tempek pic ko gak sebab slama ni pic Wan je aku post sini. Heh! Wei bos lu mau kahwin da!

Ngan kak Haina (motif seronok sangat aku nak letak pic ni dalam blog???). Siap ada extra dalam shot ni

Also kalao korang minat to know more, ni ada short Youtube message kepada peminat semua dari Mawi dan Ekin. Layan...

Pas abih the press conference, me moved to Polo Lounge with Sarimah (ye, kak Mah Gali uols), Amir and Juan tuk discussion pasal work related stuff. Takleh cita apa apa dulu.

Oh by the way, lupa nak cita. Aku nya projek TV mengalami kelewatan sikit tapi syukur sebab aku dapat postive feedback that it's definitely, confirmed on. Cuma glitch sana sikit. Things are working out. But before that, aku dapat an offer yang buat aku tersenyum. Heh.. looks like me going to work with me passion soon. Nantikan pengumuman. Coming VERY soon.

Anyway pas babai pada Mawi and all, and hit the Polo Lounge for the meeting, it was time to perah the creative juices. Ado...

Couldn't help but be distracted by Sarimah's bag... and it's contents.

Amik ko! Vaseline!!! Yes, people. According to Sarimah, she keeps the lubricant handy because she likes to keep her lips moist! Eeew!!! Get your mind out of the gutter ok!

Kira lip balm la. Ada yang berangan kan pakai memacam brand. Kak Mah pakai yang simple jerk.

Besides tak mampu aku nak carut dia cause she had to put up with all of us smoking away like chimneys!

Yang pentingnya, siap kena distracted lagik. Can you all spot what the alien item in the ash tray is? No, it's not the watermelon piece from Amir's juice. Look closer.

Amik ko! Bulu mata pelesu katanya! Kak Mah cabut sebelah main buang je. Ceh! Tak sanitary langsung! Kang terbakar harus la bau gam bulu mata lak kang.

Once we were done with the meeting, sent Amir back for him to get on with his extremely busy life (corporate sell-out!!! matilah aku!!!) we headed to Fizi's house sebab dia wat rumah terbuka. Ala... sapa yang ikut review konsert Akademi Fantasia musim lepas mesti ingat Fizi yang penah jadi model tuk rating dan ulasan konsert kan. Forgot how he looks? Cak!!!

Amik ko pose maut! Fizi ni sebenarnya manager Khai dan Rosma. Dan open house kat rumah dia ni merangkap open house pasangan Sehati Berdansa ni gak.

Sampai umah Fizi kul 7 tepat as invited. Matilah dah la gi in the pouring rain. Sampai lom siap pon kelam kabut dia exclaiming here and there kata kami awal lak. Keji! Dok sejam tunggu ler. Dalam the next five hours lepak ramai ramai yang sampai in the heavy rain, sempat ler layan channel baru kat Astro yang Variasi tu, yang tayangkan ulangan Konsert Akademi Fantasia musim keenam. Merasalah Yana dan Ika yang terkeluar first and second week jadik mangsa carutan kami. Ampun ladies. For fun jerk!

Ni some pics of the hanging out kat rumah Fizi. Tak sempat snappy Haziq je. By the way, kesian si Khai. Sakit belakang dan sebagainya. Rigorous training al kisahnya tuk bersedia show Sehati Berdansa first akan datang ni. Amik ko! Lom first show da camni. Nak tahan sampai end of the season (kalau ada rezeki ek) camna???

Anak buah Fizi. Zafri ke Zafrim... main game layan tunggu orang melawat

Zila, Salima, Ika, Yana, Sahri dan Rizal. Antara geng Akdemi Fantasia yang hadir (sorry Haziq tak sempat snappy ko)

Ala ala... manjanyaaaaaa...

Once we were done, headed to Pelita sebab dapat call dari geng KEPITA (matilah KEPITA atau lebih dikenali Kelab Pelita). Bebudak 6ixth Sense semua ada. Antara yang lain si Ayien join, skali si Misty dan kawan dia, as well as Alif and Ika and friends. Motif snappy berdua si Adi dan Ika ni? Biasalah.. cinta nak berputik kan (lari sebatu nak elak dituduh mulakan spekulasi meka bercinta.. oops!)

All in all, walaupon letih banget, had fun and time just flew by today. Tomorrow nak rejuvenate balik. In other words... sleep!

Kalau sempat ada event nak gi. Be posting more tomorrow...