Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ok semalam went by really fast. Hung out, had a swim and so on just to ease myself. Seriously need to destress.

Also spent time talking to someone whom I met, who is in a relationship, and yet, looking for 'fun' outside. Seriously? Eeewwwww!!

Aiyo... malas la konsep open relationship ni. I mean honestly, I may not look it, but I'm an old fashioned romantic. Kalao aku nak commit to one person, aku kena be able to stick to that person 24-7-365! No side dishes for me, thank you!

Kalao tak it's sayonara, and on to sesiapa yang think I am actually boyfriend material. And trust me, not a lot of people who think that out there.

So anyway, orang ni nak get jiggy with it, while my best friend lak dating ngan pasangan dia. Camna tuh? The world da nak kiamat!!!!

You are so out of my life. I think I may go back to my former playa days where it's all Touch N Go with no emotional strings attached. But seriously I doubt I ever could cause when I look back on just 'having fun', it was indeed fun, but empty.

Maybe I should choose those yang cam aku mentioned above, and woo them, and teach them a lesson about loyalty.

Or maybe I can just shake my head, and walk off. Yes... perhaps that's best.

So kiddies sesiapa yang ramai peminat out there, ke even yang tak laku. When you find that someone you love, who loves you, don't go about thinking there may be something better out there. Jangan konsep nak pasang pasang poligami tau. Truth is, maybe I'm wrong. But while you can love two people or more at once, your body unlike your heart, shouldn't be spread out to be shared. In some instances, sharing is NOT caring.

Even with given consent. Madu ke tak, susah. It's hard enough to ever feel it's enough to be with one person, let along having to share that person with another.

Oh me oh my. There I go rambling on and on again. Such a habit da these days.

Anyway, went to a small do kat rumah Kos yang play host to AJK dari Stacy FC, serta beberapa peminat dari nun jauh yang mai melawat later in the night.

Tujuan aku nak meeting skali committee with Stacy and Cherry to solve some issues.

So memula meka photoshoot tuk webpage pas Stacy sampai dari recording. Then sesi bergambar dengan committee. Then sesi beramah mesra. All this done way past midnight, which is when this part of the entry was updated.

We managed to have our meeting only wat past 4am after everything was done.

Topik - Stacy.

A lot of issues dibincangkan bersama anggota AJK, Stacy and Cherry as well as me. Ni termasuk semua cerita yang orang pass about. Much of which involved my relationship with Stacy and her future, and those yang dengki.

Banyak lah topik... tapi semua takleh cita sangat sebab apa dibincangkan dalam bilik, STAYS THERE! Even for those yang rakam tu, jangan nak repeat play kat luar!

All I can say is, pada mereka yang takde keja tuh, pikir ler rezeki ko kecapi tuh halal ke haram ek. Nak untung dengan jatuhkan orang. And to Stacy, thank you for opening your heart, apart from your ears to what I had to say. Also everyone.

So now semua da selesai. Aku pernah rasa tawar hati sebenarnya nak terlibat lagi dengan kerjaya Stacy sebab orang yang sebenarnya tak penting pun, tapi kuat jarum. But semalam aku tersentuh (nak feel berkaca gak mata aku) bila Stacy kata dia menyesal segala yang telah berlaku. For me sorry tu is not important. Her career is, and aku tersentuh dia cakap dengan aku by the end of it, "I want us to be like before..."

"Siapa? Ko dan *toot* ke?"

Merasalah kena hempuk dan carut sekali!

"Us la..."

So to Stacy, just like I told you, from the start, ko dan Cherry macam adik beradik aku sendiri. We are family (uwaaa... cam Sister Sledge sangat!)... like a giant tree... reaching up to the sky!!! (matilah nyanyi dari soundtrack Dreamgirls lak)

Aww.. touchy feely! Group hug!

Do not bitch about my hair sebab that pic was taken at 5am just pas kami semua bersahur (thank you mummy Stacy FC for the wonderful spread!). Yes, pada mereka yang nak pisahkan, atau renggangkan kita, Cherry and Stacy are my sisters. And I am so touched they still love me enough to tell me that.

So this drama is finally over. Aku akan cuba apa aku mampu untuk bantu Stacy.... but maybe in a different capacity as before this.

Kesibukan pun bakal berlanda tak lama lagi, but I will still do my best.

To the Stacy FC family, be strong and keep pushing her. To Stacy herself, girl... keep praying and reminding yourself why you chose to be in this position and thank God for his blessings every day. Those scheming people will not get what they want, and with the grace of God, you will be rewarded for your hard work! Awas the return of Stacy di Anugerah Era!

I can now sleep in peace for the end of one drama.

And my hair? Kepada sesiapa yang tak nampak lagi, this is how it's been since hari tu masa aku menang Nintendo Wii for it. Uhm... the blonde bits out, so now it's a full reddish pinky mohawk. Freak! Take not, aku tak pakai wax ke haper, so takde bentuk sangat time ni. Ni amik sebelom tido...

Selamat bersahur, selamat berpuasa... and be posting soon.



joe, i'm sooooo agree with you..sharing is NOT caring...y people nowadays nie kan tak reti nak setia kan...hehehe..emo plak...nice to see da pic u with da sistas...:)

WELCOME BACK, JOE! We all miss u so much. And I feel a pan of relieves about this whole commotion because standing from outsider's point of view, we all know that it was a pure misunderstanding. Whatever it is, we stacy frenz are very happy. Wish you, stacy and cherry happy together!

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let's hope the best for stacy's career. sigh.. entahlah. kan aku da kata industry ni memeningkan. so many trivial issues.

omg joe, bardot???
gile trip to the past!
( i used to confuse Katie with Annie Lennox.. dorky sangat kan?)

memang kan saja pilih background diorang... ala2 isu 'poison' stacy et al selesai gittew...


sy sokong kamu..
eyt stylo gile rambut..
cowy lame tak singgah blog..
rupenye sudah tukar baru wo...
rmbut pun baru wo...

big word there joe: quote "your body unlike heart- shouldn't be spread out to be shared", bravo bro...

haluuuu Joe... jgn risau! aku akan amanah! that story abis dalam bilik jer... huhu.. lg pun x rakam sepenuhnya..

hello joe..

lama aku tak buat posting...since my last post, aku often jenguk2 here kalau2 ada crita sal happy :) you are back to guide her,...
hope everthing is fine...all the best


Joe, U yg terbaik yg boleh Move on Stacy, kalau lah aku banyak wang, I will hire u as her Manager for her...

please help her and lead us as her Fan Club ya Joe, anyway...thanx a lot now and then for ur support, we really appreciate it