Monday, September 29, 2008

Reality bites

The last few days lupa lak nak catch up on my dose of my favourite reality shows, namely the eleventh cycle of America's Next Top Model and the fifth season of Project Runway.

First of all, am super pissed Isis is out of contention. Being the controversial contestant this year, she is of course, a pre-op transgender. In other words, people. That's one helluva good looking boy there soon to be a woman. Despite not having the assets of the other contestants, she rocked her photo shoots, no matter what the judges say. I think they just backing out of the choice of selecting her and afraid of what middle America will say.

Stupid! You suck big time Tyra! There were quite a few others who didn't even deserve to be there. Well at least Alaskan trailer park trash Hannah got kicked out for not being able to walk before even the photoshoot. Yeay for that!

First challenge



Fourth and final

Even Miss J is horrified she's out... or maybe she's contemplating lip surgery

So there goes the rumours that Isis made the top five. I have a few more favourites left like Mckey and especially Elina, the self-professed lesbian. Hope they make it to the top cause can't stand the top including the likes of Clarke. Eww!

Then caught up with Project Runway. Suede, the weirdo who likes to refer to himself in the third person is finally out. Hurrah for that. Tapi can't stand it that Kenley is still in. That's one helluva an overrated b****h!

Hence, I hope she gets kicked out this week, so that Korto, Jerell and Leann make it to Bryant Park. Since Joe Faris got cut, I don't think there have been many designers in this season that would make the grade.
Possibly the weakest season ever.

Argh!!! Me stuck on reality shows. Gila lah. Nak layan lagi the Australian version. By the way, if you Youtube, check out the first season of Project Runway Australia. Just finished watching the first season. There's a guy in it, who was Malaysian and moved to Australia who finished fourth!

See?! We have the talents! Just all of them need to move away to prove themselves.



oh yeah- the australian version of project runway rocks! and the winner's clothes are awesome and affordable. me likey! (yep the clothes by that designer is in stores already!)

so true! project runway US s05 has to be the weakest of all seasons. i'm much disappointed. hoping kenley will be out next. note on antm, i like analeigh and lauren brie heh.

lauren brie is hot too! analeigh yes, but i think elina is my fave.

project runway australia are ok, but their designs quite blah sebab very topshop, london high street. commercial but not fashion forward enough.

x sangka ramai gak yg layak PR Aussie version.. x sengaja found it on hooked. I loved Lui Hon (the malaysian)..too bad he got cut. Mark was fun to watch as well.. ANTM, i loved Isis. Currently rooting for Joslyn.

Luckily Clarke was sent home. Mckey reminds me of Jennifer Garner in Alias. Elina punya gmbr meletops. :)