Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Najib fan club

In the news just now, Pak Lah indicated that even Zaid is disposable, pointing out that one man does not make the government.

I wonder if that includes himself as he holds on to power when not only the Opposition have proven they have the growing support of the people, but there are cracks within his own set-up.

Meanwhile in other news, Najib has launched his own website. I wonder why. Perlu ke nak video panjang lebar which just sounds like another speech written by some political advisor. Either that or it's almost a badly shot travelogue parody.

I mean, if you're just repeating a compilation of the 'think positive' pep talk as read everyday in the mainstream media why bother.

Note that he says, "“While I may not always agree with you, be assured that your views will be heard.” As always. Did you expect something else?

The site however looks more like a fan club page for Najib than a real site dedicated to discussion, with video download, biography, and galleries of erm.. who else, but him.

But you get to leave a comment for him. Wonder if he will sift through the messages on his own, or get someone to read it.

Whatever it is, it just reminds me of another government website. It's there because someone pointed out the Internet is good for reaching out to Malaysian becoming more tech-savvy by day. But then again - lacks in any real purpose. Wonder if they'll update it with real content soon.

Have a go HERE on Najib's website, leave a comment, and see if your thoughts and views actually get to him.

PS - Anwar says he has 31 defectors. I'm tiring of the mind games. Wish the man would just get things done. He's starting to act just like the government with more talk than action by prolonging it. What a drama queen.
Malaysia Boleh!