Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Like, seriously?

Hari ni aku sedih. You might think with all the swipes I've taken at Bukit Bendera Umno dividsion chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail, I would be happy that the Umno supreme council announced his suspension from all party posts for three years for all his ALLEGEDLY racist remarks as reported (cover line kan nanti orang deperate kang saman aku lak).

I'm not happy. Part of it is because I personally think he deserved expulsion. But more importantly. the far reaching impact of his words and actions cannot be undone by such an action, no matter how punitive.
The point is, 51 years after Merdeka, we are just mending the wounds left behind, to head towards one united society, respectul of cultures, religions... and such an episode like his drama, undoes all the work in just the bat of an eyelid.

Bab ISA nak dikenakan pada those who incite racial sentiments, strangely enough tanak ke pakai pada orang yang stir up so much unwanted sentiments ni?

Apapun, here's hoping, semua yang bergelar warganegara Malaysia, tak kira bangsa, kaum atau agama akan bersatu, when we remember that all of us, call Malaysia our home!

Sorry ler buat hari ni takde apa apa posting. Dunia hiburan tak intrigue aku skang. Our political scene for now is more exciting.

Aku promise esok nya posting, things will be back to normal. Another reason sebab aku malas nak wat eja lebih nak tempek pics and all sebab nak kemaskan rumah ni bebetul so you guys can make this your new stop too. Selamat datang ke rumah baru aku if you just found out I have moved here. Good night for now... nak sambung mengemas blog ni.

PS - Yeay! My sis coming back for Raya break! Leo pun coming to KL then sebab nak cuti. Looks like it's going to be a hppy holiday period for me.