Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy birthday Fazura!

Like the title of my posting, obviously this entry is dedicated to wishing the one and only Faz, a very happy 25th birthday!

Yeay! You made it another year, girl!

Tepat at the stroke of midnight actually lah.

Where were we? Moi, Juan and Syarol were on the way to meet her at Rasta, rumah kedua pas Pelita. Saja je kengkawan nak celebrate. Joined by Famee, Dayang and friend, we had makan makan biasa jer sambil borak.

No fancy clubs, berangan glamour events or such to celebrate birthday. No need also for piety infused to try and get people to wish you too. Just good quality time spent with real friends, minus the drama.

Happy 25th Faz!

Ok first of all, don't mind the blinding flash, or the not so well coordinated skills of the photographer (carut diri sendiri sat) or the fact she may appear tired.

This pic was taken at the end of our lepak session so it was pretty late. Plus, I didn't have my camera on me, so just used my phone to snap a pic.

Rasta pun gelap, so it did nothing for the photos lor.

Feeling macho punya pose

Passed her a small present from me, but something worth a lot personally. We had fun, and later adjourned for a quick session kat Pelita.

Anyway, tomorrow nak go out and get a cake perhaps sebab ada gathering kengkawan to celebrate her birthday, and on top of that nak give her a proper present, so don't know if I can figure out in time what's suitable. What do you get a woman, who can afford what you can and more. Heh... she already has a fashion sense, so can't give her that too.

But kalao ikut hati aku kan, aku nak cari birthday cake camnih leh tak?

Don't step on your food!

So maybe, prettier heels la, but something along the lines of the cake above. Mesti dia suka punya!

Pastu the perfect present would be something like this.

The safest heels created - a pair with no heels!

The 5 and a half inch heels by Antonio Berardi are the weirdest heels ever, simply because... they have no heels! It went on sale for £1,800 (Rm11,367) about five or six months ago in London. Unique... the weight of the person wearing it will go on the platform front of the soles.

At least I know Faz won't hurt anyone with these heels. Heh...!!! Matilah carut! Love you, girl! And happy birthday again! Hugs!



Faz is pretty as always. Dia nampak lain la ... maybe tak pakai makeup kot. If that is so, she is just like jessica simpson ... more beautiful w/out makeup.

ohhh joe ... kenapa la faz tak nak jadik awek aku?! hehe ...

happy besday faz...kalo u beli kek tu mmg cool lah joe...cun gilersss...syg nak kn kalo i..hehehe..

KK, pass this fazura...

happy 25th b'day, semoga sentiasa diberkati-Nya, sentiasa dilindungi-Nya & stay gorgeous as always!

luv u gal!

ada yang angau da. huhuhu... but faz always looks hot anyway.
bab cake tu, nak kena tempah at least two weeks in advance. tak dapat. argh!!!

bgtao faz...
die nmpk sgt gorgeous dgn gaun pengantin cover intrend dis month