Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yawn...and then some...

So I needed rest. After the hard rockin' Pesta Malam Indonesia... damn... hell yeah I needed to recover. Lama da tak enjoy concert camtuh. Nak harapkan konsert tuh nih, ada je yang tak bagi saying it's too sexy... too wild... too.... (fill in the blanks here).

But... as usual.. I'm starting off all wrong.

Today was quite relaxed. While awaiting news of the budget presentation of Project R, aku siang tadik ajak Juan singgah Suria FM tuk gi lunch skali ngan Julia. Skali skala kan, lepak ngan kengkawan nak catch up... nak gosip... I mean... erm... nak intellectually debate...matilah... so it's just idle gossip lah. So sue me!

Anyhoo, before and also after lunch, aku kaco ler kehidupan seseorang nih. Sapa lagik kalao bukan taiko sana, Engku Emran Engku Zainal Abidin (motif sampai letak nama penoh?)
Yes, as you can see, Emran was very hard at work.

Merasalah sibuk with that thing Between My Legs (ewwwwww!!!!). Erm... if you bothered to click that link, tuh ler blog dia. But one thing ler... dia sibuk ngan blog dia pun berfaedah.

Sebab Emran for one, who is also the vice-president of the association of local radio stations Commercial Radio Malaysia (CRM) is one of the few who have dared vocally voiced out his opinions AGAINST the 90:10 quota proposed by Karyawan to DICTATE what people should hear on local radio.

CLICK HERE if you want to read what Emran thinks on the issue, plus, also he has some interesting bits (jenuh aku baca tau... sampai juling mata aku panjang gila babas karangan dia). INCLUDING a chat with Amy Search which I found quite insightful... mind you ni the guy which was painted by the media as the head of the mob leading the witch hunt against the Indonesian music scene infiltrating our shores gitu.

Respek gak ngan Emran nih sebab walaupun there are a lot of SNIVELLING COWARDS out there in the form of artists and management, here is one man who speaks his mind. FINALLY!
Few have spoken out on this issue because they think it's not going to go anywhere (let's face it - it's all about political mileage anyway for some). But damn..

CLICK HERE to read my previous post on the issue and what I thought.

And since I am on that topic, just wanted to add some insightful thoughts (insightful ke?)
Anyway - Emran - cheers to you for being proud of what you have between your legs (leh tak aku rename my blog Di Celah Kangkang Aku?) cause you sure have 'em for speaking out. Even though you find it hard to keep your word bila kata nak call ke time ajak minum (matilah akuuuu... lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!)

Isn't it strange that MOST acts here don't compose or write their own tunes when the ones they lambast in the Indonesians do?

And remember in the 80s and 90s industry kecoh kata DJ kena sogok (sebab time tuh DJ semua mainkan lagu pilihan sendiri konon syok sendiri dan tak hormat selera pendengar. Matilah da tukar format pun nak carut katakan screw the listeners, the should be listening to what we dictate.

Panjang lak ceramah aku tiap kali bukak bab nih.

Moving on... anyhoo pas lunch, dropped by back Bangsar nak bagik makan sugar glider aku yang tercayang tuh. Merasalah masuk hari keempat tak stock makanan dia. Baby aku tuh mesti kebulur. Singgah to buy some apples from TMC, and then picked up tea.

Yummy! Lama tak camni ok. Just some pics.. korang layan jer la...

Yeap, bought EVERYTHING you saw in the pics above. But bukan aku makan sorang. Ada geng nolong. When was buying stuff, spotted these!

Forgot totally dah Hungry Ghost month, which also brings about the Lantern Festial da. Ah... memories of childhood when I would raze off the eyebrows of at least two of my cousins while sustaining third degree burns on myself when lighting up these dastardly contraptions of fiery doom. Yes, I was a horror even back then. Childhood memories can be so fascinating when you're not feeling the actual pain of it.

Dapat call dari Faz to meet up as promised so we scooted over to Rasta kat Damansara nak melantak. Damn! Lepak dari something like 6pm to I think about 11pm. Faz and PA dia si Jue ciao then but Juan and I didn't, sebab

Wanda and Vee drop by. Konon nak berinterview tapi last last jadik sesi gosip.

And we went on and on I think about almost 1am. Merasalah aku da masa tuh mengantuk nak doze off da. Headed back home and finished this entry. Got some pictures that made me laugh my ass off.

Guess who is this Erykah Badou (matilah Erykah Badut) lookalike.

Erm... playing London Bridge?

Bootylicious? NOT!

Oooh... you better work... COVERGIR! PUKE!

Guessed who it is yet? If you don't know I think the names under the queen in question (in that hideous flowy floral ensemble) should pretty much tell you.

But if you still NEED to know who it is, CLICK HERE!

Me? Going to sleep...