Monday, August 25, 2008

Susuk sucks!

Siang tadik pagik buta aku da bangun nak hantar my sis ke KLIA. She overnight kat Jakarta, then pastuh next week, she moving to Jakarta. Sedihnya!!!! Nak nangis rasanya. Kita adik beradik berdua je, and she is my inspiration and strength for everything. But tu seminggu lagik. Sigh. And besides I get to visit her too since she going to be there anywhere from a minimum of three months, to a possible six, or maybe longer on attachment there for her Indonesian clients, Pertamina.

Habis je ke airport, rushed back to KL nak singgah Persatuan Akademi Industri Muzik.
Can you believe it???!!!

By election kat Permatang Pauh, sini lak ada road block? Unrelated? Coincidence? Lousy traffic system? Whatever!

Pakai SmartTag pun berkilometer panjang beratur. Cam lahanat!

Took me ages to get to the Akademi office. Tujuannya nak pick up invite sebab Atie ajak ke launch dance event sponsored by Gatsby. Yang penting, invitation comel sangat ok. Cam buku, tapi bila bukak, amik ko, wax dan cermin. And it's the same moving rubber yang aku pakai. Wat stock ler nih.

Since I go to Akademi like once a year, everytime AIM nak dekat je, so lepak sat kaco Nicole.Also decided to snap a few shots around their office of things that caught my eye. Yerlah... da berapa hari blues, cam diabaikan lak blog aku ni.

So here some shots.

The coveted trophy of local music

Hey, Jennifer Thompson masih simpan that cover story by me of her!

Erm.. Nicole. There's something over you. Get the technician quick lah!

A magazine spotted featuring a very familiar beautiful person

Later, joined the beautiful person on that mag cover as well as Juan to watch Susuk. Was more excited to see a movie on the International Screens titled Body, tapi hey... support the local movie industry kan.
Faz in High School Musical 3?

My verdict? Don't waste your money.I mean, for Susuk, aku puji director of photography dia. Art direction, camerawork, lighting, and maybe even the effects deserve ler some pujian.

But everything else was utter, self-indulgent crap. I don't believe I wasted RM9 on it! Damn!

Even the acting was inconsistent. Diana Rafar leh dipuji cause she was ok but wonky in some bits. Ida Nerina delivered the goods. Everyone else was forgettable and added to the yawn factor of the movie.

Yes, it gets a little confusing, but worked out what was the story being told. Just didn't like it for more reasons then I should have.

Argh.. need some sleep. Hate how local horror movies end up so cliched and a B grade rip off of Hollywood productions. Let's have more originality please!