Thursday, August 21, 2008

So-sial event

Tension tahap gaban aku smalam. Temankan Faz, along with Juan and Ju ke event pelancaran majalan hiburan baru ni. Malas nak sebut event apa la. Tak perlu nak bagik promosi percuma untuk event yang macam $%^&!!!

Yang make my blood go upstairs sangat sebab aku kesian sangat panggil selebriti tempatan nak make the event more meletup gituh, tapi layanan diberikan macam. Erm...

Dahler staff dia tak kenal majority of the local artists, especially the Malay entertainment industry. So ko imagine ler the sort of things that can and did happen. Sakit jiwa kalao aku repeat. Yang dia kenal yang bukan Melayu saja.

Apahal nak wat event camni sebab nak the attention, tapi tetap ignore when you get what you've gotten. So salah ok!

Anyway, seb baik ada ler aku snappy some pics tuk isi masa. Thank goodness ramai gak kengkawan hadir. Walaupun memasing semua muka sentap gak sebab yang ada free flow Stout je. Aiyo... tak sensitif langsung meka. Rupanya someone forgot to mention Coke was an alternative. Matilah...

So ramai terlopong bodoh jer la... lucky sempat isi masa ngan gosip. Merasalah.
Got to chill with Faz, goss ngan Sarimah sebab lama da tak catch up ngan dia, as well as borak panjang ngan Vanessa.

Tapi aku terbodoh gak event tuh sebab aku jumpa someone yang erm... you know when you meet someone yang, I don't know.. just makes you wish there and then ko leh propose to them?

Sempat sembang ngan dia tapi I think I made a fool out of myself sebab nervous. There you go. Interview memacam orang tapi simple conversation ngan someone I fancy leh horror.

Macamana tuh... damn.

Moving on... so here are some pics of friends at the most boring event of the year.

And of course I have to feature Faz, sebab loved the Chanel ankle purse she wore which was like really red, and matched with the red trademark soles of her Christian Louboutin. Check out the second pic to pick up on the Chanel ankle purse. It's so cute! They made their rounds on the catwalk a few seasons ago but if you saw the Nelly music video Stepped On My Js, Ciara ada pakai pon.

One pic I snapped which I liked a lot was Rich and Velvet together. Yes, they're coming out. Tak nak cover cover lagik! Not like we didn't know they were an item, but it was sweet to see them together as one.

And then... Vanessa was with a friend who just arrived fom Japan. For fans of The Amazing Race Asia 2, you'll recognise the Japanese contestant who was up again Van and Pam along with her brother. I think her name's Sawaka. Before anyone asks who's that with Sarimah.. tuh adik dia.

The last pic tuh si Razif Hashim. Remember he was in Gol Dan Gincu. Also Ghost, and movies Goodbye Boys dan yang terbaru Jarum Halus. Also in a couple of theatre productions and last seen in 8TV's Quickie before he quit. Dalam berapa minggu he's heading for London nak pursue his Masters in acting. Good luck Raz!!!

Bangga talents muda kita. Sayang old crockpots rule the business when young promising talents like this overlooked.

Eh dahlah... nak kuar jejalan. Bosan dok rumah ari ni takde keja nak wat lak.