Thursday, August 07, 2008

Retail rocks!

I am so touched! Met up with Faz this evening at Pavilion. Supposed to go pick up some stuff she needed to doll up for Festival Filem Malaysia on Saturday night. Met later than planned about lunch sebab the jam, the rain and so on.

Chilled at Michaelangelo's and grabbed a bite. Masa Faz arrived, baru nak tanya apa dia shopping, cause she had this huge bag with her when she plopped it down on the seat, said, "Hi dear, here's your belated birthday present, I gotta go to the ladies."

Erm... alrighty then. She took a few steps and then turned and said, "open it up ok" and moved on. Looked at the bag.

I wondered what it was. Ok, I did play a guessing game. I slipped in my hand and messed about and tried to guess. Guess I must have slipped up and groped the wrong thing cause I guess wrong. I thought it was a shirt! The eventual result was much further cause I had actually grabbed the cloth bag in came in.

All I know about Jaspal is that it's a big local brand in Thailand, and the likes of Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen, Milla Jovovich, Mischa Barton and Selma Blair have been the face of the label.
So I popped the bag open. This was what was inside.

Awesome! Tell me isn't that the coolest bag! The smell of leather was yummy! One of the best birthday presents for a long time for sure. She sure knows my taste.
We grabbed a bite, then moved to KLCC to get the stuff Faz needed.

Can't say where we went or what we got, but I love Faz's outfit for the event. Oops! Then jalan jalan shopping. This counter selling the coolest but expensive charmbracelets caught Faz's eye. Love them!!! Oh my God!!! They're so cute!

After she perused through the individual charms which were all just so yummy, she got stopped by some counter staff for a photo opportunity, aku lak browsed what they offered. And this caught my eye. I want this!!

And it on discount, even though just 10%! Yeap, I want the one on the pink pillow. Lawa gila! I could do without the D&G logo which was a little obnoxious though. But the design was awesome! Didn't get it though sebab aku nak sleep on it.

Spent the rest of the night finishing up shopping, and then just chilling with friends.

I love how this week is turning out.

Oh by the way, when we popped MAC, perasan this display!

Oh my! I love the Heatherette label by Traver Rains and Richie Rich! And the packaging caught not only my eye but Faz pun perasan. But since it was sold out, kita ogle jer la.

Heh... ok... something tells me I am going to blow my budget this month. Let's just hope I don't have the next few days free to go shopping and I've forgotten all I've seen... kalao tak pokai aku.... anyone wanna get a belated birthday present for me? Matilah aku...