Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Rested and amused

When in times of the need of affirmation of who you are, look no further than your friends to judge who you are... what kind of a person you are.

I am glad that I can proudly say I have great friends I can count on who embrace life no matter what goes on, ever positive. Even if they wear t-shirts like this.

Yes, thank you Faz for the comic relief. Even though she was really tired and crank just like her t-shirt described. Mana taknya, malam tadik baru abih wrap up shooting Ezora. Still, love the way she lights up the moment dia jumpa friends. And when she does that, she just brings a positive energy which all of us around her feed off.

Sempat pose ayu walaupun letih.. heh! Well.. at least she be trying kan?

Yang pentingnya ni la wajah a hardworking actress (with a nice, simple bag) yang tercalon for Festival Filem Malaysia this weekend for Best Actress for Kayangan alongside my sister from another mother (and father) Nasha Aziz (Otai), Maya Karin (Anak Halal), Erra Fazira (Anak), and Vanidah Imran (Akhirat).

Yeap dia menang four years ago for Bicara Hati as Pelakon Harapan, so don't know if she can grab another trophy this time... but no matter what, I am so proud of her.

Habih lepak ngan Faz and gang, headed back.

Damn road blocks at all entrance points into KL set up da as usual. Yeap, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to be charged tomorrow, so terus paranoia from the authorities. As usual. What the... I really cannot believe our precious tax Ringgit keep getting wasted camni.


Malas nak cakap bab tuh. CLICK HERE to see what the man himself has to say. Gotta go... a lot of fun activities tomorrow.