Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pesta Malam Indonesia 2 - Part 3 (The rest of the show)

Pas abih je Sheila On 7, I was already malas with the fest. Bukan apa, satu tak minat sangat remainder of the bands, walaupun Ungu dan Peterpan ada lagu yang not too bad and Slank showmanship and musicianship meletop. Secondly letih da banging lama sangat.

But, after a break, and a technical glitch yang naikkan kemarahan crowd, Ungu was on next. They were pretty awesome. Tapi aku amik pics sikit jer mostly of Pasha, so enjoy them. It was dark by then, so the pics look kind of nicer.

Just as they were settling things, aku gerak lepak kat keta. Nak baring sambil layan. So tak perasan cita Ariel Peterpan bukak baju until the rest of the guys cita ngan aku when they came to the car.

Heh.. rasanya kena kes Faizal Tahir tak? Not like it matters as this is the last performance for Peterpan anyway sebab the band soon-to-be-defunct.

Pics courtesy of dreamerzzz from CARI

Not too bothered about it actually, though undoubtedly ada lak pasni kecoh pasal artis Indonesia wat camtuh. Biasalah amik kesempatan memandangkan isu weirdo in this business versus Indonesian songs and artists.


Anyway, tak minat sangat pun Peterpan nih, ok ok je. Tapi suka kat Uki. Dia ni cool jerk.

Back to the show, I thought this year's fest was ok tapi aku just tak suka the order of line-up. Still think Samsons and Sheila On 7 should have gone on later. But nak wat camna. And erm... tak perlu la Slank lagi. Some bands like Andra and the Backbone or Dygta would be nice.
Tapi overall worth la kalao bayar RM50 to watch so many quality acts.

We adjourned to Pelita when Slank got going. Member sana kata Pasha dari Ungu baru ciao lepas makan sana. Matilah Pasha pun ke Pelita katanya.

Anyway, here's the catch of the day. Irfan campak pick dia pas abih show. Si Ted dapat. Heh! Amik ko... yawn.. need some rest to recuparate. Be posting soon. Three entries in one day with over a hundred pics. That HAS to be a record!