Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pesta Malam Indonesia 2 - Part 2 (The Sheila On 7 special)

Told you the last entry was going to be heavy with pics. For fans of Samsons, hope you guys are happy with it. Susah nak rock out while trying to take some nice pics.

Anyway, nak relate sikit ler. Actually, honestly, dulu aku tak penah minat Samsons. Album pertama was so so jer for me, nothing great. And I used to hate Kenangan Terindah... didn't help that my ex had a caller ringtone with that, sampai horror bila aku dengar lagu tuh meluat aku teringat dia. Heh.. matilah.

But their amazing direction in their second album Penantian Hidup made me a fan. Nay, a groupie! And friend of Samsons! And I'm proud to say that because they are a bunch of talented boys.

But before I discovered Samsons, aku tak penah la gila muzik Indonesia except for another band. Sheila On 7.

Their songs were inspirational in a poetic delivery of emotions.

Eross was one of the biggest songwriters for me for his uncanny ability to capture everything with his music and the right choice of words.

Even Irfan, the brains behind Samsons pun minat Eross, and the first time I met Irfan, we chatted about Eross and his tunes as well. And perhaps that's another reason why I like Samsons' songs. Sebab their directon in material was going the right way.

Anyway, lepas Samsons perform during Pesta Malam Indonesia 2, the next band up was Sheila On 7.

Tengah say bye to Bam masa pas Samsons performed, aku perasan bebudak Sheila On 7 getting ready. Aku so preoccupied with Samsons, my favourite band now, that aku leh tak perasan possibly one of the best Indo rock bands to come out of Indonesia.. EVER!

Spotted Eross, Adam and Duta. Sempat borak ngan Adam, whom I last met YEARS ago masa Anugerah Industri Muzik. Kesian dia masih ada fever sikit. Kol 3 pagik on the day of the show, he had to have a jab, and another later in the morning.

But he was ok by showtime, and Sheila On 7 which is on a comeback trail, is back with a vengeance. They proved that they still have the most charisma onstage and were able to rock it out with the best of them.

Aku salute meka for their mettle onstage. Tapi bab Duta memang dia sora dan performace dia still tops. Eross pun still has lots of his magic, and meka berjaya pikat audience.

Ada dua tiga kali masa show, crowd unruly sikit leh gaduh, mesti kes moshing sentap menyentap gituh. But they managed to calm the audience down, and even joked about until everyone settled down. Amazing!

It was indeed a learning experience seeing Sheila On 7. Tuk aku meka the experienced hands now, and Samsons the new generation, but both bands in my eyes, are equal for their beauty of delivery on and offstage.

Enough with the text for this entry. Just enjoy the pics, and the excellent showmanship. Oh, and the pics kat bawah with Irfan tuh, masa dia join kita in the pit, sebab dia pun nak tengok show his idols. So we ended up headbanging together.


So for fans of Sheila On 7 harap terubat rindu korang ler. Look out for their upcoming new album. It's going to be great! Eh.. banyaknya pics... korang tau tak berejam nak transfer, edit, upload dan link. Really hope you guys like all the pics. I know I do.

Wait for the last entry on everything else on Pesta Malam indonesia 2. Tribute aku pada my two fave bands da complete.

Until the next entry coming up... ciao!