Saturday, August 30, 2008

Of Avril and Barney

Avril Lavigne's concert was horrible yesterday. It was actually the most boring concert I've been my whole life, And trust me, I've been to a lot, and this is just so... juvenile!

The first time I saw Avril live was in Singapore was before I interviewed her a few years back. Back then, she couldn't sing. But her show was rocking - despite her being a major poser and a rocker wannbe. And I have to admit then it was a guilty pleasure.

But this time she just sucked.

Some people enjoyed it, but I think the only way you could have enjoyed the show last night was if you were one of those who also probably fit into the criteria below. So if you enjoyed Avril's show last night, chances are -

1. You were in the region of 13 years old
2. You haven't been to many concerts, or you just simply don't get out much.
3. You had a hot date beside you to take up your attention
4. You think the ah lian wannabe goth look is cool
5. You also love boybands and you think an artist is 'cute' therefore amazingly talented
6. The hardest thing you've rocked to is something Top 40
7. You still like Barney the dinosaur and thinks he sings live
8. You think someone playing something like four chords after years of claiming to be a rocker, actually makes the person a rocker.
9. You actually believe rock concerts have bacding dancers and dance breaks as the performer keeps stealing time to recuperate.
10. You think it's standard for someone claiming to be punk pop to be sitting through four songs straight.

So for me, the concert sucked. Avril Lavigne was just butt lazy on stage, lacking in any real movement. Her vocals sounded better - perhaps thanks to the female backing singers she had in tow. Yeap when I first saw her, only the band backed her on vocals, but now there are other female vocals to plug the holes in her singing.

The sound system was crap, and the stage and lighting set up was amateurish fun fair at best.
Yes, I have her CD, and that's worth the price. But thank God I didn't have to pay to watch her show! People actually started going back after about half a dozen songs. I kid you not. And so many people were griping about how boring it was.

And by the way, while there was word that it was to be a capacity crowd as tickets were apparently sold out, the number of people who showed up... well.. let's just say expectations would have only been half met if you thought it was going to be a full house.

Whoopie... so exciting...

If I don't sound convinced... it's because I'm not...

On the field

Poor folks on the field but way behind

With JD from Berita Harian, Yanie from Harian Metro and Radin from New Straits Times

The stage

More interesting was the drama when the PAS Youth people had their silent protest distributing flyers outside the stadium. Erm... I actually agree with their reasons behind the protest, tapi aku rasa too much la nak masuk area tuh nak distribute flyers cam orang yang gi concert tuh about to burn in hell. Seriously...

Aduh... whatever happened to freedom of choice. If the concert is on.. terima sajalah.
At any rate not very polite to the organisers or promoters for them to walt in pastu nak ply their self-righteousness. I mean, it just sends the wrong message, and the real reasons behind it becomes lost. But whatever...

Anywayhere are pics from the show. Thanks to mates in Sony BMG Malaysia. Yeap they own the pcis people and I'm only using them here on permission, so kalao nak pakai, if you really have to use them, please credit them as well ok.

Me going to continue movie marathon lazing at home for now. Ta all.