Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nintendo Wii!

So how did the Gatsby event go? Guess who has a spanking, brand new Nintendo Wii!!!If that wasn't enough, the prize I won also came with the Wii Fit! (Click both items to get a description of what they are - malas nak explain)
Altogether the prize is worth almost RM2,000 sebab ngan game semua skali. Matilah!!! Aku da so hooked on the Internet takde masa tuk nak layan Astro sangat pun.
Ni lak ada gaming console ni matilah aku nak cari masa pakai. But I love it! I love it simply cause the last gaming console any sort I had was an Atari in the Eighties (matilah ramai tatau Atari tuh apa pun kan!).
Never been a big fan of games, tapi skali kalao duduk, melayan la gak. So yeay! My freakish paddle pop coloured mohawk won! Second big prize of the year pas arituh menang Nokia N958gb. Tak sabar when the next event offering something yummy will be. I'm on a roll!

It's mine!!! I won it!!!

Have to say, I kind of love the press kit they handed out. Check out the pen drive thingamajig they gave. Sebijik cam a container of Gatsby nya wax. Damn cute ok!

Anyway, the event itself was great cause Joe Flizzow and Popshuvit performed. Joe was backed by Cesar on the decks which made it all the more wow. Caught up with Joe. His album will be out in November. Hurrah for that. And dig this, it will be featuring KRS 1. never mind if you don't know who he is. He is just one badass legendary rapper.

But if you guys are still wondering what was the actual event launched, it was for the Gatsby Styling Dance Contest (no, I have not been paid to promote them, nor do I do it cause I got the Wii)

It's a cool event cause, basically, all you have to do it upload a minute long video of you, dancing, while styling your hair. Winner eventually goes to Shibuya, Japan (one of the great fashion capitals in the land of the rising sun apart from Harajuku) and compete among winners of si other countries.

CLICK HERE for more info. Meanwhile, aku nak gi plug in my Wii and give it a try.

PS - Just found out the Wii Fit siap leh exercise skali. Matilah!