Friday, August 29, 2008

Judgement day... not yet...

Today was Faz's court day. Malas nak masuk mahkamah sebab if you read my last entry the last time Faz was in court, you would understand aku tak kuasa nak tengok ratu sotong mahkamah sekor ni. So just chilled out there and lepak until they finished.

Hari ni both sides summarising jer, so nothing much. September 22 nanti the verdict will be out. So pray that this four year drama is over lah. Kesian lak kat Faz benda ni drag out.

The view from the court

No jeans?? You got to be joking right?

The venue

Faz with Fakhrul, her counsel

The legal aid, and the cheerleaders

One thing for sure, Faz was sure dressed nice as usual. Love the shoes!!! As usual lah. Aku suka! Aku suka!

So anyway, pada peminat Faz, she's right now in KLIA headed for Australia. She hosting a Merdeka thingie there. And then taking a break with some friends there. She'll be back in two weeks - and remember the shopping yeah girl. Huggies!

It's going to be a little boring one of the group takde nak lepak.

Here's hoping that the next couple of weeks tak bosan puasa round the corner da semua going back for at least the first week.

Rushing off for Avril concert. More soon...