Friday, August 01, 2008

Drama day

So much drama today. Started with major high after my first meeting for the day for Project R. Yeay! All systems go! It's going to be big. In fact, with every day semakin bigger la the project becoming. Risau lak aku.

Second meeting was for Project S. Ok, kalao selama ni aku tak bagitau, yes, the S stands for Stacy. Actually cita camni, as of July 15, officially, I entered in an artist consultancy management deal with Maestro Talent & Management to care for Stacy bab communication and image.

Due to slight technical delays, I have yet to be able to sign the contract.
Today, I withdrew from the agreement.

Yes, aku pasni takde kena mengena ngan Stacy. Takyah speku apa apa. Biasalah, business deal. Kejap ada kejap takde. Heh... I had my reasons, and I wish everyone all the best.

Some things on my mind today, but stress out nak naikkan my blood pressure takyah.
So what did I do?

Pas all the meetings, nak unwind... apa lagi? Headed to Republic in Sunway Pyramid for Samsons' second show. They make me happy all the type. Forget the fact meka banyak lagu patah hati yang depressing. It's a good kind of depressing, if you know what I mean.

So rather than rant, here are more pictures.

Aku had so much fun that I almost forgot all my problems. Tapi aku paling happy memula Tang yang tak sempat join for the show, mesej kata dia ajak bebudak Samsons supper and me too la.
Tapi masa Bam nak gerak, dia kata the band hanging out, and dia nak hantar mom dia balik ke hotel. Dia takleh cakap, so dia pass number dia, keying in my phone.

I messaged him later sebab dia tak bak phone, and dia replied kata dia tak sempat join. Erm... kalao camtuh kansel la supper. Heh.. aku banyak nak borak ngan dia.

Besides Irfan and the gang semua da settled in chill kat Republic.

So I headed home, while texting with Bam yang ajak lepak kang meka turun balik tuk Pesta Malam Indonesia. Yeay!

That made my day!

I have to tell you, kalao you guys didn't catch their two shows here.. RUGI!!!!

Kalao you caught the first night kat Bar Savanh tapi tak ke Republic... RUGI GAK!!!

Aku rasa cam lagu meka perform kurang sikit dari what was almost a full blown concert performance like smalam, but bebudak lagik slamba and rileks jerk, making it more fun.

Not to mention no thanks to the lack of publicity for the event, second show ni dalam 100 orang plus je hadir, so more intimate and thus even more fun!!!!

Am going to sleep.. with Tak Bisa Memiliki on repeat.

Can't wait till Samsons are back here...