Sunday, August 24, 2008


Didn't do much the last couple of days. Needed to get out of this deep blue funk I'm in. Thankful to those who pulled me through it. You know who you are. Even though I may have pushed you away. These people are always my strength in times when things seem gloomiest.

Love all of you.

Anyway, smalam gi event bodoh. Initially supposed to gi makan malam with Sarimah and her hubby and bro. Tapi last last naik jap event bangang yang buang masa kat Ruums. Nangis jap. It was a typical berangan and boring event. Give me strength... yawn!

Dinner after that was more interesting.

Me had the Dragonfire chicken! Tapi initially masa sampai order aku, Sarimah lak kata sedap, aku pass dia share ngan Andrew. Al kisahnya when I placed another order and it came, veggie choice dia da berubah. Tetiba jadik brocolli - the worst green ever!

Sans brocolli!


Dig that. They seemed to have just dumped the whole lot of brocolli on my plate camtuh jer. Yuck! Everything else was fine though. Had a relaxed and fun night. So felt a little better today.

Oh anyway, been dying to share a little news with you guys. Heard from a little birdie that... RIHANNA IS COMING TO KUALA LUMPUR!

Tunggu confirmation, but word is, she will indeed be heading to our shores.

I last met Rihanna in Bangkok in October 2006 when she opened for Jay-Z's tour.

Sebelum zaman Umbrella and Please Don't Stop The Music aku da gilakan dia da because of Pon De Replay.

She is absolutely gorgeous in person, and I think she has gotten more chic since those days. Am so looking forward to meeting her again.
I have no further news on the exact date, because all I can say is at the moment, they still finalising the details - and hopefully some local authority won't have a gerbil up his ass about her performing.

Her performance the last time about wasn't the best vocal show, but she was just mesmerising to watch. Hey! I can deal with that! I already have the CD! I just wanna watch her stut it live again.
Dulu pun aku tengok show dia masa dia open for Jay'z Block party tour where she did about half a dozen songs je.

So wanna see her perform Disturbia live!

So keep coming back here for more info. Will let you guys know the confirmation of the KL date of Rihanna's show as soon as I get more info, ok.

Oh by the way, yes, people, I have finally succumbed to Facebook. Yes, it is my account. And no please do not add me on Facebook - UNLESS you are someone from the entertainment industry.
My for me is a place where entertainment journalists, artists and other people in the industry and such can get together and just let their hair down. Aku bukan sombong tanak add, sebab banyak requests aku ignore so far.

But please, if you have to add me, do it on Myspace. Ok. Yang aku tak paham ada yang add aku kat Myspace nak add aku gak kat Facebook padahal kat Myspace pun stakat mengisi ruang kosong Friends list je.

Sorry again. No offence meant, but don't add me on Facebook.

Ok gotte run. Ciao.

PS - Ni semua salah Bam Samsons. Dia nya pasal la aku kena activate Facebook aku. Mencik! Heh!