Monday, August 11, 2008

Congrats Sue Anne Joe!

Here's a little lesson. Lain kali kalao da add orang kat myspace, ke approve.. take some time to find out who you added. Kalao tak wat malu jerk. Heh!

I read a bulletin in my myspace list about someone in my Friends list yang won an award kat Festival Filem Malaysia 21.

So I clicked and I browsed. Erm... the person was familiar cause I did kind of pass her masa the event. Tapi tak perasan. Yeap... orang dalam Friends list tapi tak kenal. Have messaged her since and exchanged some pleasantries..

Apapun, I want to congratulate Sue Anna Joe yang menang for Best Poster untuk hasil kerja dia untuk filem Susuk. Sori ler girl. Ko dalam senarai Friends aku pun aku tak kenal. Hampeh nya aku! Apapon, guys... Susuk da open so go check it out!

From the trailer it looks like it might be a worthy watch... and kalao korang nampak poster yang sesuatuh horrific ni (scary in a creepy and eerie, good kinda horror movie way), think of this lovely woman! (in terms of her work la)

The winner Sue Anna Joe! Tahniah woman!!!

The winning entry for Best Poster at FFM 21 for Susuk

Nak catch some shut eye. Esok kena gi Astro sat then nak dash to a music industry forum. Will let you guys know more in what just MIGHT become my longest entry for this year. Stay tuned!