Friday, August 08, 2008

Christian Loubotin

I have been feeling so lazy, that I stayed at home today, the whole day melayan jer movies.
I will mention them in order of what I thought of them. First the movies that were the equivalent of the political scenario of our country. Utter crap, that is.

Do NOT watch the ultra stupid Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay or the super boring Semi Pro.If I had actually bought tickets to watch those two movies, I would have burnt down the cinema in question and embarked on a manhunt for all those involved in making such a lousy excuse for entertainment.

Then there were the movies that I watched for nostalgia's sake. Wayne's World and Wayne's World 2. Ok, so for those yang pernah tengok, I know the humor is a little dated... but what can I say?! That was my college period. It was cool.

And then there were the interesting movies like YPF (Young People F***ing) which is not dirty as it sounds as it highlights relationship issues and 21, which was... ok I guess, though I think the previews made it look better.

Then the kid in me made me watch Happy Feet and Kungfu Panda, both of which I am sure that I am the last person on earth to actually catch these two great animation fare.

Tapi yang pentingnya... I have watched... SEX AND THE CITY!

I admit ... even though I watch the series, I don't do it religiously. So I know the basic plot, the storyline more or less thus far, and also the characters, but screw the story... I wanted to see the fashion in it - which is the very same reason I'm sure that a lot of people bothered to watch this movie for in the first place.

And it was MIND BLOWING! Ok, so the relationship problems and stuff are pretty run of the mill - as is the ending. But everyone loves a good chick flick once a while.

And it was pretty good!

The fashions? WOW! Let's see. I can recognise some outfits to be Ralph Lauren, Burberry and Vivienne Westwood for sure. Bags are a mix of Chanel, Ferragamo, Alexander McQueen, Fendi and of course that instrumental Louis Vuitton which was highlighted.

Shoes had Manolo Blahnik, Dior, Moschino, Marc Jacobs among others.

But I spotted something familiar! And probably since I was on the lookout for it, since Boo da bagitau to keep an eye out.

Here's a still shot of what Charlotte wore for one of the scenes.

That's what I found on a style guide. Yeap. So the shoes which are the subject of my observation are the Christian Louboutin slingbacks. If you read my blog sometime end of March, you would think they're familiar too because I published these then.

Remember kasut sapa tak yang I photographed?. I was so fascinated by them when I first saw them that I had to take a picture of the shoes then. Yeap, even at that point aku tak penah dengar Christian Louboutin, I thought the trademark red soles were so amazing!

Of course the one the character of Charlotte wears is slightly different material as it's more of a silver snakeskin version while the top one is the silver glitter version. Tak kisah la. Janji it's a slingback, peep toe Christian Louboutin katanya...

So kasut sapa ni?

Fokus bebetul and pikirkan...


Heh! Dah dapat jawapan? Faz lah.. Who else has impeccable taste in shoes?Amik ko... the only reader yang recognise the Louboutins's then was a reader yang comment by the nick of misz_LA.

How'd I get from movies to heels? Nevermind... moving on.

Malas nak post much. Esok Festival Filem. So more pics then... Ta all...

PS - The opening of the Beijing Olympics just now was AWESOME! Best lighting of the torch ever!!!