Saturday, August 23, 2008


Saiful did it, Najib has done it! It definitely is in the vogue now! Swearing in the mosque here has officailly ousted the previous favourites of statutory declarations! Swearing on the Quran itself however is still an optional activity, as in Najib's case.

It is still not known if Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will follow the latest trend or look for other means to introduce a new fad.

Meanwhile, incentives are still hot with impending the impending by election.

Petrol is down 15 sen to 22 sen as of today while diesel is down by 8 sen.

Never mind oil prices have dropped the last few weeks, and yesterday it dropped more than US$6 to USD$114.59 a barrel.

At that time of the price hike, the world oil price was US$125 a barrel before it began its downward trend since early this month!

Better late than never? Even it if it's only 15 sen?

La di da... boring!!!

Sorry about the entry smalam guys. Seriously been feeling blue the last couple of days but trying to keep it in. You know me... every couple of months I have my emotional breakdown gituh. Traumatising kan?

Anyway... really didn't feel like updating at all.

But first a quick recap. Thursday night was an occasion to say happy birthday to Farhan with a surprise party by family and friends at her home. And boy was she surprised! Sampai in tears tuh!

Didn't do much remainder of the night as could feel depression peeking. Yesterday wasn't any better. In fact it was a slide further. Felt like shit... The weather was a little reflective of my mood though. Grey and stormy.

The weather forecast for today? Looking out my window, expect pretty much the same weather? Me? Hoping to spend a little time to get over this depp blue funk I'm going through.
Will update... soon... hopefully...

PS - Note to self. Have emotional breakdown at convenience of others from now on.