Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan ke 51 Malaysia. No matter what happens in this country, no matter what we go through, WE are Malaysia, and together we will love and cherish you, for you are all of us, be it different races, religions and such.

On this day, 51 years ago, we were given independence. And no matter how much rokok naik harga pun, biar 80 sen,or even if Beyonce never gets to perform here, and we'll never see the day Samy Vellu resigns, we will love you irrespective.

And you know we don't have to make a statutory declaration or angkat sumpah for that.

Malaysia Boleh! We love you Malaysia!

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Of Avril and Barney

Avril Lavigne's concert was horrible yesterday. It was actually the most boring concert I've been my whole life, And trust me, I've been to a lot, and this is just so... juvenile!

The first time I saw Avril live was in Singapore was before I interviewed her a few years back. Back then, she couldn't sing. But her show was rocking - despite her being a major poser and a rocker wannbe. And I have to admit then it was a guilty pleasure.

But this time she just sucked.

Some people enjoyed it, but I think the only way you could have enjoyed the show last night was if you were one of those who also probably fit into the criteria below. So if you enjoyed Avril's show last night, chances are -

1. You were in the region of 13 years old
2. You haven't been to many concerts, or you just simply don't get out much.
3. You had a hot date beside you to take up your attention
4. You think the ah lian wannabe goth look is cool
5. You also love boybands and you think an artist is 'cute' therefore amazingly talented
6. The hardest thing you've rocked to is something Top 40
7. You still like Barney the dinosaur and thinks he sings live
8. You think someone playing something like four chords after years of claiming to be a rocker, actually makes the person a rocker.
9. You actually believe rock concerts have bacding dancers and dance breaks as the performer keeps stealing time to recuperate.
10. You think it's standard for someone claiming to be punk pop to be sitting through four songs straight.

So for me, the concert sucked. Avril Lavigne was just butt lazy on stage, lacking in any real movement. Her vocals sounded better - perhaps thanks to the female backing singers she had in tow. Yeap when I first saw her, only the band backed her on vocals, but now there are other female vocals to plug the holes in her singing.

The sound system was crap, and the stage and lighting set up was amateurish fun fair at best.
Yes, I have her CD, and that's worth the price. But thank God I didn't have to pay to watch her show! People actually started going back after about half a dozen songs. I kid you not. And so many people were griping about how boring it was.

And by the way, while there was word that it was to be a capacity crowd as tickets were apparently sold out, the number of people who showed up... well.. let's just say expectations would have only been half met if you thought it was going to be a full house.

Whoopie... so exciting...

If I don't sound convinced... it's because I'm not...

On the field

Poor folks on the field but way behind

With JD from Berita Harian, Yanie from Harian Metro and Radin from New Straits Times

The stage

More interesting was the drama when the PAS Youth people had their silent protest distributing flyers outside the stadium. Erm... I actually agree with their reasons behind the protest, tapi aku rasa too much la nak masuk area tuh nak distribute flyers cam orang yang gi concert tuh about to burn in hell. Seriously...

Aduh... whatever happened to freedom of choice. If the concert is on.. terima sajalah.
At any rate not very polite to the organisers or promoters for them to walt in pastu nak ply their self-righteousness. I mean, it just sends the wrong message, and the real reasons behind it becomes lost. But whatever...

Anywayhere are pics from the show. Thanks to mates in Sony BMG Malaysia. Yeap they own the pcis people and I'm only using them here on permission, so kalao nak pakai, if you really have to use them, please credit them as well ok.

Me going to continue movie marathon lazing at home for now. Ta all.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Judgement day... not yet...

Today was Faz's court day. Malas nak masuk mahkamah sebab if you read my last entry the last time Faz was in court, you would understand aku tak kuasa nak tengok ratu sotong mahkamah sekor ni. So just chilled out there and lepak until they finished.

Hari ni both sides summarising jer, so nothing much. September 22 nanti the verdict will be out. So pray that this four year drama is over lah. Kesian lak kat Faz benda ni drag out.

The view from the court

No jeans?? You got to be joking right?

The venue

Faz with Fakhrul, her counsel

The legal aid, and the cheerleaders

One thing for sure, Faz was sure dressed nice as usual. Love the shoes!!! As usual lah. Aku suka! Aku suka!

So anyway, pada peminat Faz, she's right now in KLIA headed for Australia. She hosting a Merdeka thingie there. And then taking a break with some friends there. She'll be back in two weeks - and remember the shopping yeah girl. Huggies!

It's going to be a little boring one of the group takde nak lepak.

Here's hoping that the next couple of weeks tak bosan puasa round the corner da semua going back for at least the first week.

Rushing off for Avril concert. More soon...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Movie marathon again

Too lazy to be updating today. Having a movie marathon on my own at home. And also surfing the net.Found some clips and spoilers for America's Next Top Model Cycle 11. Not fooled by the teaser shots, cause wanna see how they going to be in the show itself. Less than a week to go. Tak sabar aku.

One star attraction is the 22 year-old Isis, the first transgendered contestant. Tak sabar nak tengok camna dia perform. one up for the queens! She doesn't look the best among the 'ladies' but I'm hoping she'll represent.

You go girl. Rumour has it that she made the top five, but didn't win. We'll see.

Now back to my movies. Be posting soon. Long day tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nintendo Wii!

So how did the Gatsby event go? Guess who has a spanking, brand new Nintendo Wii!!!If that wasn't enough, the prize I won also came with the Wii Fit! (Click both items to get a description of what they are - malas nak explain)
Altogether the prize is worth almost RM2,000 sebab ngan game semua skali. Matilah!!! Aku da so hooked on the Internet takde masa tuk nak layan Astro sangat pun.
Ni lak ada gaming console ni matilah aku nak cari masa pakai. But I love it! I love it simply cause the last gaming console any sort I had was an Atari in the Eighties (matilah ramai tatau Atari tuh apa pun kan!).
Never been a big fan of games, tapi skali kalao duduk, melayan la gak. So yeay! My freakish paddle pop coloured mohawk won! Second big prize of the year pas arituh menang Nokia N958gb. Tak sabar when the next event offering something yummy will be. I'm on a roll!

It's mine!!! I won it!!!

Have to say, I kind of love the press kit they handed out. Check out the pen drive thingamajig they gave. Sebijik cam a container of Gatsby nya wax. Damn cute ok!

Anyway, the event itself was great cause Joe Flizzow and Popshuvit performed. Joe was backed by Cesar on the decks which made it all the more wow. Caught up with Joe. His album will be out in November. Hurrah for that. And dig this, it will be featuring KRS 1. never mind if you don't know who he is. He is just one badass legendary rapper.

But if you guys are still wondering what was the actual event launched, it was for the Gatsby Styling Dance Contest (no, I have not been paid to promote them, nor do I do it cause I got the Wii)

It's a cool event cause, basically, all you have to do it upload a minute long video of you, dancing, while styling your hair. Winner eventually goes to Shibuya, Japan (one of the great fashion capitals in the land of the rising sun apart from Harajuku) and compete among winners of si other countries.

CLICK HERE for more info. Meanwhile, aku nak gi plug in my Wii and give it a try.

PS - Just found out the Wii Fit siap leh exercise skali. Matilah!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pelita bash!

Another non-event day today. Belah malam je eventful sebab for some reason, ramai kengkawan gather kat Pelita tonight! So much fun!

Bila ramai ramai kumpul, harus ler banyak cita. Topik malam ni - STEAMBOAT?

Apa tu steamboat? Bukan apa ye... tapi siapa. Oops! Tanak cita lebih nanti orang kata mulut jahat (and they wouldn't be wrong...). Bulan puasa pun da nak menjelma katanya, so nak control carutan. Sikit jer....

But seriously it was so much fun. On one table, semua bebudak local actress (Ainul, Fouziah Gous, Intan Ladyana, Ayu and her sister and Rizal), and satu lagik meja semua male models kengkawan yang lepak wat gathering headed by their mother hen Marinie. Matilah aku panggil ko mak ayam. Tapi da ko bak anak anak model ramai (cuma ko masih comel dan muda, girl) Also Faz joined us later. Yeay!

The ladies - and a gentleman

Spot anyone familiar?

What is that thing on my head???

Aku tak snap banyak pics sebab tak kuasa nanti orang ingat dok mamak kenapa asik nak snappy pics jer kan. So berapa keping je meng-cam-whore-kan diri. Matilah pencemaran bahasa!

Ok, so why does my hair look weird? Angle je nampak pelik. Sebab I still have my mohawk. Only difference is it is now blonde and red. For a reason. Remember the Gatsby event? Well, tuk jemputan, best hair akan menang the Nintendo Wii!

Kita tunggu dan lihat jer esok apa cita. Matilah I feel like Woody Woodpecker (that actually would sound like a porn star's alter ego).

Ok la... out for the night.

PS - Yeay! Anwar won! Was there ever any doubt? Now here's to September 16! From Permatang Pauh to Putrajaya!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Susuk sucks!

Siang tadik pagik buta aku da bangun nak hantar my sis ke KLIA. She overnight kat Jakarta, then pastuh next week, she moving to Jakarta. Sedihnya!!!! Nak nangis rasanya. Kita adik beradik berdua je, and she is my inspiration and strength for everything. But tu seminggu lagik. Sigh. And besides I get to visit her too since she going to be there anywhere from a minimum of three months, to a possible six, or maybe longer on attachment there for her Indonesian clients, Pertamina.

Habis je ke airport, rushed back to KL nak singgah Persatuan Akademi Industri Muzik.
Can you believe it???!!!

By election kat Permatang Pauh, sini lak ada road block? Unrelated? Coincidence? Lousy traffic system? Whatever!

Pakai SmartTag pun berkilometer panjang beratur. Cam lahanat!

Took me ages to get to the Akademi office. Tujuannya nak pick up invite sebab Atie ajak ke launch dance event sponsored by Gatsby. Yang penting, invitation comel sangat ok. Cam buku, tapi bila bukak, amik ko, wax dan cermin. And it's the same moving rubber yang aku pakai. Wat stock ler nih.

Since I go to Akademi like once a year, everytime AIM nak dekat je, so lepak sat kaco Nicole.Also decided to snap a few shots around their office of things that caught my eye. Yerlah... da berapa hari blues, cam diabaikan lak blog aku ni.

So here some shots.

The coveted trophy of local music

Hey, Jennifer Thompson masih simpan that cover story by me of her!

Erm.. Nicole. There's something over you. Get the technician quick lah!

A magazine spotted featuring a very familiar beautiful person

Later, joined the beautiful person on that mag cover as well as Juan to watch Susuk. Was more excited to see a movie on the International Screens titled Body, tapi hey... support the local movie industry kan.
Faz in High School Musical 3?

My verdict? Don't waste your money.I mean, for Susuk, aku puji director of photography dia. Art direction, camerawork, lighting, and maybe even the effects deserve ler some pujian.

But everything else was utter, self-indulgent crap. I don't believe I wasted RM9 on it! Damn!

Even the acting was inconsistent. Diana Rafar leh dipuji cause she was ok but wonky in some bits. Ida Nerina delivered the goods. Everyone else was forgettable and added to the yawn factor of the movie.

Yes, it gets a little confusing, but worked out what was the story being told. Just didn't like it for more reasons then I should have.

Argh.. need some sleep. Hate how local horror movies end up so cliched and a B grade rip off of Hollywood productions. Let's have more originality please!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Didn't do much the last couple of days. Needed to get out of this deep blue funk I'm in. Thankful to those who pulled me through it. You know who you are. Even though I may have pushed you away. These people are always my strength in times when things seem gloomiest.

Love all of you.

Anyway, smalam gi event bodoh. Initially supposed to gi makan malam with Sarimah and her hubby and bro. Tapi last last naik jap event bangang yang buang masa kat Ruums. Nangis jap. It was a typical berangan and boring event. Give me strength... yawn!

Dinner after that was more interesting.

Me had the Dragonfire chicken! Tapi initially masa sampai order aku, Sarimah lak kata sedap, aku pass dia share ngan Andrew. Al kisahnya when I placed another order and it came, veggie choice dia da berubah. Tetiba jadik brocolli - the worst green ever!

Sans brocolli!


Dig that. They seemed to have just dumped the whole lot of brocolli on my plate camtuh jer. Yuck! Everything else was fine though. Had a relaxed and fun night. So felt a little better today.

Oh anyway, been dying to share a little news with you guys. Heard from a little birdie that... RIHANNA IS COMING TO KUALA LUMPUR!

Tunggu confirmation, but word is, she will indeed be heading to our shores.

I last met Rihanna in Bangkok in October 2006 when she opened for Jay-Z's tour.

Sebelum zaman Umbrella and Please Don't Stop The Music aku da gilakan dia da because of Pon De Replay.

She is absolutely gorgeous in person, and I think she has gotten more chic since those days. Am so looking forward to meeting her again.
I have no further news on the exact date, because all I can say is at the moment, they still finalising the details - and hopefully some local authority won't have a gerbil up his ass about her performing.

Her performance the last time about wasn't the best vocal show, but she was just mesmerising to watch. Hey! I can deal with that! I already have the CD! I just wanna watch her stut it live again.
Dulu pun aku tengok show dia masa dia open for Jay'z Block party tour where she did about half a dozen songs je.

So wanna see her perform Disturbia live!

So keep coming back here for more info. Will let you guys know the confirmation of the KL date of Rihanna's show as soon as I get more info, ok.

Oh by the way, yes, people, I have finally succumbed to Facebook. Yes, it is my account. And no please do not add me on Facebook - UNLESS you are someone from the entertainment industry.
My for me is a place where entertainment journalists, artists and other people in the industry and such can get together and just let their hair down. Aku bukan sombong tanak add, sebab banyak requests aku ignore so far.

But please, if you have to add me, do it on Myspace. Ok. Yang aku tak paham ada yang add aku kat Myspace nak add aku gak kat Facebook padahal kat Myspace pun stakat mengisi ruang kosong Friends list je.

Sorry again. No offence meant, but don't add me on Facebook.

Ok gotte run. Ciao.

PS - Ni semua salah Bam Samsons. Dia nya pasal la aku kena activate Facebook aku. Mencik! Heh!