Tuesday, July 08, 2008


First of all, let me share this bit of information. Ahad ni aku dijemput sebagai tamu melalui program Blog melalui TV1, RTM at 8.40pm.

I am proud to be invited to share my views as a blogger sebab the other invited guests have been the likes of Datuk A. Kadir Jasin (an idol of mine) and Raja Petra Kamaruddin, a former boss of mine masa dulu keja freeanwar.com (bet many of you didn't know that) as well as Rocky (my former editor at the good 'ol The Malay Mail way back when it was fun.

Anyway, the program I think is a good start towards acknowledgement of bloggers, who are gaining more respect than ever, and I think while, not replacing traditional media, will gain more leverage in time to come.

Jangan lupa tonton ek, guys!

Ni ada some clips if you wanna get an idea of what the show is like. It'll be different than most stuff I've appeared in TV for, but it'll definitely be fun as I think I am the first totally non socio-political blogger on-air.

Kalau leh, spend some time to watch two of the edition of these programs with my former bosses.

Raja Petra Kamaruddin - Part 1

Raja Petra Kamaruddin - Part 2

Raja Petra Kamaruddin - Part 3

Rocky - Part 1

Rocky - Part 2

After all that heavier stuff, now here's the lighter stuff. Stacy's back from the Gold Coast. Ni pics dari Stacy nya camera. Sorry tak banyak cause dia amik as much as she could. Tapi battery mati tak charge! Pastu,Riz amik battery Stacy sebab battery cam dia pun abih. Amik ko!

Anyway enjoy the pics. Please guys kalao nak simpan for your personal collection silakan. But kalao nak publish other website, please CREDIT and LINK me as well as Stacy FC.

Kalao slow loading jangan salahkan aku ek! Aku ada banyak pics in my cam from the past few days, tapi USB cable aku masih missing! Damn! Ok la... nak sign off. Be posting later...

PS - What's up with that Saiful Bukhari dude who claimed he was on the receiving end of butt baseball with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim? (CLICK HERE untuk cita selanjutnya) Dude!!!! You claim to have given it up! Fight it out in court! Tak yah nak wat declaration on the Net. Statement dia ""Wahai Anwar MUNAFIK!! Aku cabar kau BERMUBAHALAH!!Tetap kan tempat dan waktu! Aku AKAN datang!!Yang HAK Pasti Berdiri.Yang BATIL Pasti Jatuh!!Aku tidak GENTAR.. ALLAHHUAKBAR!!!"" is so tidak perlu ok.... sigh.. more drama!