Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Those damn...

Marah sangat hari ni. Heh.. menguji kesabaran tul. Some people are really so makan gaji that they can't do their job to the proper function of it at all.

Bodoh nak mampos!

Aku meroyan pasal apa? Adalah.

Anyway, hari ni whole day calling up designer friends. Adalah tuh... malam sikit lepak ngan Stanly nak carik baju. He wanted to shop for a new wardrobe and I brought him to several of my fave spots.

And hasilnya? He got a WHOLE new wardrobe! Heh! Aku yang tanak shopping kena pikir benda lain lak, de-stressed by getting this.

Heh... so much for not shopping kan. Got myself a three button, pinstripe charcoal jacket from DKNY. Masaalahnya perfect fit, so I HAD to get it! Damn! Aku jarang nak beli jackets ni, cause aku kan lebih jeans and t shirt kind of person. Tapi this fit so damn good I HAD to get it. Note the excuses by the repeated HADs I'm using.

Pas abih, Stanly, along with his cousin and I gerak balik Shah Alam where he's staying for the moment sebelum join the rest gi Melaka for the Reunion.

On the way, after a few calls, found out that Bob and Shuib with friends kat Shah Alam, so took a detour gi melantak kat Seksyen 8 lak. Joined by Juan and Amir.

Rupanya kengkawan Bob my old mates! And turn out, one of them, kenal Stanly nya other cousin on his dad's side, who later joined us. Very the jejak kasih.

The kids all gerak tomorrow for Melaka, aku lak akan pergi only on Thursday sebab esok ada hal nak settle kan. Malas type anymore. Meet you guys soon in Melaka. Kalao ada pembaca blog sini nak lepak skali, leave a message ok... see ya guys soon.