Saturday, July 05, 2008

Shopping frenzy! or IKEA good, TMnet... BAD!!!

Stopped by Pet Shack tadik (the best pet shop you can find - especially when it comes to sugar gliders stuff apart from everything else you can't find anywhere else). Da lama tak drop by, but had to finally after putting it off cause my Joey Jr nya blended mix of fruits da abih.

Ended up spending about a hundred on bark bites, new toys for my glider and more. Damn! That glider is getting so pampered, spending more on him than myself.

Pas abih singgah rumah Bangsar nak put everything in, and then fix it up before putting his food out.

Dropped by Low Yat, but saved money from buying an Asus laptop (nak sangat sebab skrin 7 inci, kicik leh letak pouch jer). Had to keep reminding myself not to waste money.

And then finally singgah Ikea kerana nak belikan a new clothes rack. Mine collapsed due to the sheer weight of my clothes.

Ended up at the check out counter with TWO racks (cheap ma!), several storage containers (four I think), a rug, and some other miscellaneous stuff.

Masa carik wallet, panik maut! My wallet was missing! Pikir betul betul, realised must have left it in the car! Matilah kalao ilang kena rompak akibat keta kena pecah! Da la baru withdraw banyak nak shopping. Korek suar, ada few hundred my sis pass nak hantar kat my mum, pakai dulu nak bayar.

Settle jer, rushed out to the car. Seb baik ada... !!!!

Decided to go grab a bite, curse and swear useless TMnet punya customer service bila ada problem nak log in for Streamyx Hotspot. Honestly kan, I think TMnet hires some of the most incompetent people EVER!

Why is it they NEVER get the details right sampai kena repeat berpuluh kali??? And you would think that they wouldn't need to go by the manual they have in front of them and go step by step when you've already identified the problem???

Or worse still, put you on hold for minutes only to pick up and repeat the same bloody things or ask you the same damn questions!

Aku tension customer service meka!!! Slalu tau! Dari sepuluh kali aku call kalao ada problem, sembilan kali an imbecile will pick up the phone!!! Tu pun pas redah that annoying taped message yang buang masa.


This is so in contrast with the service I get at the Klang branch of TMnet yang semua helpful gila! I have had it with TMnet. Bodoh!!!! Hopeless!!!

Quality of service most of the time HAMPEH!

Argh!!! Looks like I may soon change my Internet service provider.

Eh meroyan lak... ok ok.. nak away dulu ek. Nak spring cleaning and pasang semua benda alah aku beli tadi. Da lama tak kemas bilik... matilah tengah malam pagi buta nak spring cleaning....