Thursday, July 31, 2008

Perfect 10 day! PCD, AF and Samsons!

Some days start like crap. Some days end like that. Some days are just full of crap. Tapi hari ni was my perfect day! I had so much work, but none of it felt like work because I enjoyed every single minute of it.

The day started with my assignment, to cover a band's press conference. Nothing much to shout about? That's what you think! The group? Pussycat Dolls!

And no, I wasn't lumped into a group of a hundred reporters from around Asia.

I had two separate sessions of 20 minutes each with the Dolls. PLUS on top of that, I had chat time with Nicole, my favourite Doll (isn't she everyone's?)

On to the pics!

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I love Nicole so much! She is so down to earth, and yes, she is as intelligent as she is beautiful! After the interviews, we got to talk, and among the many things were reality TV since the Dolls have their own in Pussycat Doll Presents : The Search For The Next Doll as well as the second season, Pussycat Dolls Presents : Girlicious, both of which I followed every week (by download that is)
Anyway, told her of a certain young girl here who just won the nation's biggest reality show, Stacy, at a tender 18. Nicole was sweet enough to have me record this message for Stacy.

And of course, I couldn't let the photo op go, so Doll fans, eat your heart out!!! That's me with Nicole and Jessica!
Nicole and Jessica hamming it up for my cam

And then.. with me! A plus sized Doll? Matilah ko!

I didn't want to come across as a groupie or weirdo fan, but I think I failed. But it was so sweet cause Nicole was amazingly appreciative of how much I was into the Dolls and even gave me a nice big hug and kiss! Makan hati!! *pengsan jap*

Woohoo! Screw the MTV Asia Awards! I don't need to watch their show! I'll get the concert DVD, thank you... lagikpun sini meka akan cover up. I got something a lot of people won't... meeting them AND spending time with them. Tu yang penting!

After that was done with, had dinner with my Fantasia kiddie brothers and sisters kat Maestro as they were preparing for another round of recording for the Raya album.

Stacy had another recording session so tak dapat show her the video.

And what an end to the day's activities, when I went to Mont Kiara for this show!

The show

Complimentary drink? Yes, I'd like a SPRIKE please

Estranged rocked the opening

Then the rocking really began with Irfan's arsenal of pedals and gadgets

And it's Samsons in the house!

Bams, tired but texting

My big sis who was at the show and I - Nasha, love you!

The awesome and mighty Samsons!

Hanging with Bams

I took some videos, so not many pics... quite a lot actually but I think sound quality is crap because I was right next to the speaker right up front. Yes, I'm still deaf in the left ear, thank you.

Sebelum Samsons onstage, aku lepak join jumpa meka, thanks to Tang. Tapi yang besh nya, meka semua kenal aku lagik! Heh... ingat lama tak jumpa da, for sure lupa punya. Instead, Bams yang jerit panggil aku dulu!

Then Irfan, and then slowly sorang sorang perasan aku. Aiyo best nya! My fave Indo rock band (since Sheila On 7 has gone the way of the dodo) semua masih ingat aku.

Got to hang out AND chat with Bams before, and after the show. Even during the time before the encore. Spent a lot of time chatting and laughing with him.

Pada sapa yang minat Bams, yes, forget Nia Ramadhani, forget Mirashi Tyas Endah... and even that silly gossip of Bams with Agnes Monica. I have the details, but yang pentingnya, Bams is now single AND available. Heh... sapa nak, ayat sendiri ek. Damn... there goes the Indo gossip sites taking bits of here.

Bams and the boys have one more show here tomorrow night, and then they leave for Japan for a show, and then return to Malaysia for Pesta Malam Indonesia. Pergh!!! Amik ko! It's hard not to feel amazed talking to the likes of him and Irfan yang main lead.

I mean these guys may sell a LOT of albums but they hold the WORLD RECORD when it comes to ring back tones with sales exceeding 11 MILLION!!!... and counting.

That's over 4 million for Kenangan Terindah, over 2 million for Bukan Diriku included.

If that record doesn't impress you, their music should. Their drum tracks for their recording alone for Penantian Hidup took up some 50 tracks, exceeding even Metallica's record of 20!
But you know the icing on the cake? Sapa ada kat Bar Savanh for the show would have heard, Bams dedicate lagu Perbedaan "buat teman aku ini yang favourite song"... to ME! Pengsan lagik.

Terus all the sh*t in my head forgotten.

Heavenly day!!!

Definitely going for their show again tomorrow. Ni tengah layan single baru mereka, Tak Bisa Memiliki which is one of the three new songs in the repackaged Penantian Hidup Platinum Edition which they launched earlier this year for exceeding sales of 200,000 copies in Indonesia alone.

Korang layan ek... nak feel sikit... be back tomorrow when I recover from this.. PERFECT day!