Sunday, July 13, 2008


You know the problem of our beloved government is? Unless you didn't read the title of this entry, you would have so guessed it. Yeap.. paranoia!

Defined as -
1. a mental disorder characterized by systematized delusions and the projection of personal conflicts, which are ascribed to the supposed hostility of others, sometimes progressing to disturbances of consciousness and aggressive acts believed to be performed in self-defense or as a mission.
2.baseless or excessive suspicion of the motives of others.

How else do you explain smalam nak ke KL cam lahanat sangat traffic jam. Da ler the building of the flyover in Klang tuh menyesakkan dan melumpuhkan sistem trafik satu bandar.

Pastu sampai je flyover Bukit Rajah, jam!!! Fiften minutes just to move a ,mere jarak of 500 meter. Cam sial! Pastu takpe. Nak masuk KL dekat Kota Darul Ehsan, lagik satu round. Kali ni lagik teruk!

Half hour wasted there. Da lah naik minyak, pastu nak spend nearly an hour of additional fuel-burning time wasting lak.

And all because someone feels the need to buat road block to thwart some devious minds who might cause some hoo-ha over the supposed no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister esok in Parliament.

I really have to commend the police on their efficiency. Too bad they didn't apply it masa aku wat police report complete with the details of the car registration etc. of the people who broke into my car. Another yeay for public confidence in the uniform.

So who ordered the waste of resources, since aku kena put up with the Klang OCPD punya excuse during a recent dialogue with residents that the police are severely understaffed?
Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar, according to Bernama said the roadblocks put up since yesterday were also part of its crime prevention measures. "Although the gathering was planned in front of Parliament house, not in Selangor, we will continue to monitor the situation from here."

Tuh dia!!! Efficient melampau lak? Don't you have some break-ins to solve? Yang tak larat siap additional statement where "motorists have been urged to be patient and cooperate with the police".


The police being efficient

The police done being efficient

Aku leh claim rebate ke bazir minyak burning up precious fuel while a dozen uniformed personnel dok menganyam ketupat tepi jalan tuh? Cause seriously, no one is actually doing any checking. In fact, they all look so bored with the pointlessness of it all.

There better be a gathering esok kat Parliament or my one hour in the jam, or the dedicated police officers following some superior's orders would have just wasted their time and more.
Just to add a little more, according to Malaysiakini, police have also obtained a court order to arrest on sight if Anwar Ibrahim and opposition supporters are spotted within five kilometres of Parliament. Erm... but it was also reported that police are calling him in at 2pm tomorrow for questioning.


Anwar ada clone ker to be running around the city in multiple locations or whatever.

Anyway... finally got to Angkasapuri. Had fun on the Blog program over TV1, which honestly, I feel is so good for bloggers, no matter what your thoughts otherwise are.

Consider this. Blogging gives us a voice. A program like this, gives people more insight into why we do it, and help share our beliefs to those who may not have heard of us before.

Tima kasih ler pada abang Hashim, Fadli and the whole production crew of the program sebab sudi jemput aku. Touched, definitely. And especially so since the show contained interviews by my friends in the media who commented about me and my blog. Aw..... leh nitis air mata nih.

After it was done, I was handed a CD containing the program recorded. Aiyo... besh nya. Leh simpan katanya. Tak yah aku nak download. Oops!

Made my way to Shah Alam, sebab nak jumpa kengkawan yang turun gi layan Gangstarz, including si Mila and Famee. No thanks to the jam on the way back (sigh), sampai pon da nak abih da. But just in time nak catch Ari Lasso perform.

Ari Lasson performing

There were no eliminations this week... not like I care sebab aku tak follow pun so far. And I doubt I will sebab overheard ramai merungut kata persembahan teruk.

Erm... eh ok la. Catching a DVD or two before I call it a night. Til tomorrow...