Friday, July 11, 2008

Menuju puncak!

OK...first of all I have to start with this fucking piece of incredible, no amazing piece of shit!
Zahid, my man is the first in Akademi Fantasia! Finally!

Linda is still doing fine and Zarina is edging her way into the Top 5.

However, this has to be mentioned. After last night's outstading performances from Zahid, I got home for the night bout 5am, and he was actually at the top with a record setting 22%!
Here's the current poll result.

MAS 13

Now, if that isn't a fucking amazing jump, I don't know what it is. Fucking loser wannabe Adam had those shitty hormonal bitches voting for him, so he's actually second, while major fuck up Mas is still in the Top 3 despite her continued bitch ass performance!

Anyway, had fun at the MPPJ Civic Center where it was held. Dr Sher Kawi was introduced to me after the show, and he started going, "Oh, so YOU'RE the one who's been drinking venom!"

Oops! Looks like he's been reading my stories. Was pretty good natured about it though and we had a good laugh.

Also felt kinda sorry for Edlin and Fitri who were eliminated the first two expulsion concerts, but it was kind of nice to see them. At least they're both respectful.

Jumpa pun tahu nak tegur, nak salam. Elok lah tu. Minta-minta lah berterusan beradab.

Biasanya kalau dah bergelar artis cepat lupa diri orang kita ni.

Fitri, yours truly...and oh, Edlin somewhere down there!

Now, once, the shebang was over. I thought it would be a decent Saturday night. It was...for a while at least, but my bubble burst.

Suffice to say, something happened and I started doubting the need to be honest with people. There's this person, I kind of like, but never even considered seriously beyond a friend, not to mention not even sexually attracted, and I was told that tengah contemplating apa dia nak buat and so on, to avoid from 'hurting my feelings' cause takleh balas my 'affection'.

I mean REALLY!

All I said was I fancied being friends and I expected honesty and proper friendship treatment. Like I don't know anything pasal dia to even consider more.

Anyway, everything was a little screwy for me on the drive home and I SMSed my explanations to the individual involved explaining what I felt and meant. Hopefully that clears the air.

Sheesh. What's the use of being honest if people prefer to hear lies, right?

Reached home, switched on telly, to Channel @15 and my spirits lifted up at once to see Zahid at 22%.

Was so happy, stuck to the boob tube until 9am! His votes had by then gone down to 20% but it was fine with me, as long as I know he has a nice, well-deserved lead over the rest of the competition.

Didn't get a chance to update you, blogger, but you know what. I broke my own record of not smacking someone silly in public for yonks the night before.

The person receiving the honours, got three mighty smacks! Would have given a nice dose of my pretty Heelys but didn't bother doing so in public to avoid a ruckus.

Anyway, bumped into said person again last night, and he went scurrying away almost immediately!

Another asshole who owes me money (actually it's Ted's money, I'm helping to get it back) was ever so sweet to let me know (without me stalking him down) that he's pay up by next Friday.

I think I should take back on my principle in life before this.

Take life by the balls and bruise 'em if you find it necessary!