Saturday, July 26, 2008

Melaka - Part 3

Another beautiful day in sunny Melaka! Siang tadik jalan ke Jonker Street. Kerap gak dulu lepak Melaka, but I never took pictures of the sights. Kali ni sempat ler amik gambar some familiar landmarks.

I love Jonker and all its antique shops!

Jonker Street!

Inside one of the shops

Some stupid trailer getting stuck on the narrow roads and blocking traffic

Pas settle, went back to the hotel, freshened up a little and left for the venue sebab bebudak ada meet the fans session. Yes.. more pics!

The crowd slowly building up on a VERY hot afternoon

Autograph and meet the fans session

Once habis, went back to the hotel,lepak bilik Zul, tengok bebudak startt make up for the Gempak Selebriti Astro show belah malam. Ni some pics of the transformation process gituh. Can you name everyone in the photos?

Rested a while before it was time for dinner, and then back to the venue for the Gempak Selebriti Astro The Musical. Stacy was performing - the only one from antara bebudak musim keenam. Dia ngan Mila je guest artist. More pics from backstage.

Stacy and Zahid

Being part of the audience

Kawan lama tak jumpa, Shafiq.

The Gempak Selebriti Astro The Musical cast


Pas it was all over, it was another night at K5 with friendsm tapi malam ni group lagi besar. Thank you to Erica Altantuya for the great service for a crazy bunch of people. Heh!!!