Friday, July 25, 2008

Melaka - Part 2

Had only a few hours sleep. Risau sikit the night before sebab Stacy and Nadia both had to go to the clinic sebab dedua tak sihat. Both got jabs. Pas balik da way past midnight, Stacy had her Aku Stacy recording sikit, before had a short meeting with her for tonight.

And yes, in the hotel room... we coloured her hair black. First step in changing her look. Nothing drastic la... just nak repair her hair sebab masa kat Akademi meka kan kaler rambut dia dua kali, pastu tak treatment or anything. So not very healthy.

Couldn't sleep well, and woke up bright and early.

Was in Mahkota Melaka for last night. Hari ni check out, and check in kat Equatorial lak.
Waste of a decent view of my room though.

The view

Check out jer aku pop by the venue for the sound check and a quick run through, the final one before the concert tonight.

Rehearsal time

Pas abih jer, checked in, had a quick rest before joined everyone for dinner - everyone as in member media, kengkawan Astro as well as some members of the production team. The food at I think the name of the place was Restoran Duyung or something like that was YUMMY!

Amik ko! Thank you Marlina for being my ketam model kat atas tuh. Merasalah!!! Heh! And here's the table AFTER we finished! Looks like everyone was a little bit too hungry.

And after makan, borak session, sebelum semua start... cam whoring! Woo-hoo!!!

Si Jawa, Haris, Nik and Juan, as well as Tina, Jemay and Shahila

The view kat tempat makan di muara tuh

With kak Haina - on her request tau pic ni

Ngan Nik

Pas makan, on the way back tuh, kak Shahila took us on a detour to her father-in-law's place, which has been declared as a mini museum in Melaka. Awesome stuff! If you guys are in Melaka, drop by and take a trip through time. Besh gila. I saw some stuff like the classic brass bed that my Grandma used to have and several other items like the pedal Singer sewing machine that reminded me of my childhood. Layan pics ek...

Check out the crockery

Awesome bridal bed for the Baba Nyonya community

Vintage Crocodile bag

Some old wardrobe

Amazing stuff

The furniture especially

Old bank notes and office stuff. Erm.. the Coke can is mine

Tengok peti besi tuh. very the zaman P. Ramlee

Like wow!

That radio still works!

If you own any of those Nokia - yes... it's considered antique now... matilah!

Used to have this in my home dulu

Bedak nyony tuh masih jual lagik even today. Zam Zam hair oil tu kelakar...

Bridal bed for the Malaccan Malay community

Kak Shahila punya wedding photo! Amik ko!!!

Cameras - none digital of course

Mini Quran collection

Kak Shahila, hubby, Ramlah dari Harian Metro and the photographer dude!

Check out the congkak board!

Lupa lak nama pakcik ni, kak Shahila's father in law whose home is the mini museum

Front entrance

Ada perigi..

Not quite Dark Water..just a little muddy

Aishah ni wat per tuh

The entrance

Pas abih, kita went straight to the hotel. I picked up the stuff I needed and dashed to the Dataran where I met up with Stacy.Found out tengahari tadik dia went for another jab. Ouch! Kesian dia masih tak sihat sihat. Malas nak cita lebih. You guys can catch the concert on Astro Ria pada Raya kedua, tak silap aku. Meanwhile, enjoy the pics ek.

Getting ready for the stage

Stacy and former members of Evoke who backed her up - now part of Bad Boy, bawah Adam

The last Menuju Puncak from AF6

After the show, all of us headed for supper where there was also an informal Q&A on the whole do kat Old Town White Coffee. More pics, people...

Once we got back to the hotel, had to go for the shoot of the last episode of Aku Stacy. Mak aih! Emotional episode! Do watch Aku Stacy as they just shot the last episode. Learn more about Stacy and her background. I don't know what they're going to show... tapi memang mengundang air mata.

Ganasnya hair stylist ni.. heh!!!

You have to watch the last episode of Aku Stacy

It was late by the time it was done, but joined some good friends for a drink kat K5, bistro hotel tuh... I think kita lepak sampai quite late. Like really late! Tapi besh dapat lepak ngan kengkawan especially mentor aku, Alam.