Thursday, July 24, 2008

Melaka - Part 1

So happy to get away for the weekend to Melaka that aku forgot totally to take more pictures. But aku nak stay away from lengthy commentaries in my entries since I am going to have a bunch of photos pas nih, so just enjoy the next few entries with lots of pics with minimal banter ok.

Shot down to Melaka for the rehearsal of Konsert Reunion Akademi Fantasia 6 aka Konsert Superstar Akademi Fantasia kat Dataran Pahlawan. Been some time since I was in Melaka, but thanks to adik Aidil sebab settle everything for me.

Headed down straight to the venue and joined the kids masa rehearsal. Here are some pics of the night. More coming up as events unfold gituh.

The stage

Backstage - Nadia

Stacy - tak sihat but still hanging tough

Nubhan and Toi

Alif pakai jaket K? For klubbkidd perhaps? Matilah aku!


With Stacy

Candid of Saida masa makan time

Stacy's rehearsal of her song