Saturday, July 19, 2008

Love... love me do

Hari ni dapat kick back sikit. No hectic schedules or timetables or endless meetings. Sort of. hari ni hari lepak ngan kengkawan.

By the way, had to do a little shopping. Bought something I saw which was cool, but a total waste of money cause tak de practical use. But hey... tell me when something cool ISN'T a waste of money?

Heh... what did I buy? A replica of Thea Beatles drum kit. Why? Cause I am a Beatles fan, the replica was cool and quite accurate to the kit used by Ringo Starr, and also... my gothic rock doll now has a drum kit! Heh.. check it out!

The actual kit which was once used at The Beatles museum in Liverpool.

My little replica for my gothic doll

Quite cool eh? Except I placed one of the cymbals the wrong side sebelum amik pic, as it had to be beside the hi hat. And the floor tom too. Oh well... another day well spent. Coming up to an extremely busy week. No further updates till tomorrow, guys....