Monday, July 14, 2008

Just a quickie

Like the title says, hari ni malas wat posting panjang sangat. Rushed about a bit today, despite feeling a cold coming on. Rupanya, I'm not alone. A lot of people around me seem to be developing one. Selsema punya musim ke nih?

Aduh... please don't let me get sick. Hate being sick on my birthday. Every year something always happens days before my birthday to spoil it. Without fail. Though thankfully, I have chosen to ignore them to celebrate that annual occasion of welcoming the onset of looking like something the cat dragged in.

Ah... growing old gracefully.

Yes, I will be turning 32 on 17 July... so people, send me your presents! This year - I wish for only cash! Except those of you who know the weird stuff I like (retro MASK toys, electrical gadgets, magic illusions (no el cheapo made in China stuff) or even fragrances and fashion items I never seem to get around to using). If you know what I like from reading my blog - send them to me. Matilah demanding!

If you don't know what I like - just send me CASH! Heh! You can deposit it in my Maybank account (A/C number 114187390217, Name : Joseph Lee Cheng Kim - yes, that's my REAL NAME!) where your angpows will go towards procuring my company assets! Thank you Amir for making me a money-minded person (wonder if he made that million he was looking for yet?)

Sodih kan nak demand? Well, think of it as a precationary measure IN CASE you guys do want to get me something. Let me know if you banked it in by emailing me at

Anyhoo, lotih gila. Rasa nak demam ni, malam tadi berembun lagik. Tak larat ke dance rehearsal for the Boh commercial, but sempat ikut Stacy, Cherry and Nurul jumpa the gang from Stacy FC.

A new, bigger and better website will be launched soon, so we had a quick photography session for pics for the layout and gallery of the upcoming new site. Of course, it's not complete yet, but the site will be which is aimed at the branding of Stacy and an offering to offer more up to date news on Stacy.

A big thank you to everyone for their time, and the fun evening.

Me in need of rest and gonna pop some pills and sleep now. Ta!

Having her cake - and eating it too

Make up artist terlampau - looks like one of those things that crawl out of TV sets in Japanese horror movies!

Naik lif pun leh pose tuh! Saja tanak tunjuk the photo session... tuh tunggu...

One last one...