Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's my birthday!

Erm... I'm honestly touched. Thank you everyone for wishing me, be it in my msjbox, via myspace comments or personal messages, Yahoo! messenger or even by SMS and calls. You guys rock!

Malas wat posting pepanjang because it ends in a few minutes anyway... but thank you for making the occasion of me turning 32 special.

I feel blessed. I have my parents in good health, (my dad 66, and my mom is 62), a great sister, and equally amazing friends too. I also have mmy new career, and you guys out there supporting me every step of the way.

What else can I ask for?

Erm... a bank account with more money? Heh... tapi bab tu, thank you to the anonymous persons yang bebetul bank in ang pow tuk birthday aku. Sungguh ku tak sangka. Tunggu gak email tapi tak sampai sampai.. so sapa yang bank in my birthday present tu (even though I meant it a joke.. kind of), thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Ok la... esok je meroyan.

Ni ada few pics that I left out from yesterday's shoot taken with my brand new Nokia N95 8GB. Saja nak tayang hasil phone baru. Heh... ciao... lova ya guys and gals.

With Stacy and Cherry masa tunggu shoot start dalam keta


Cherry termenung...

Kalao nak tau what won the phone, ni just two pics aku sempat snap ngan phone aku pas da make up as the Joker. Lom lagik sempat pakai rambut dan costume masa tuh. Ok tak?

Memang cam Zombi Kampung Pisang je aku rasa... heh.. but aku tak pakai tepung komak ek! Eh ok la guys... thanks for everything again... and I'll be posting more tomorrow!