Thursday, July 10, 2008


Otak jam ari nih. Went to a mind-numbing total of three meetings today, plus one rehearsal session. Am so pooped!

Actually cuma rehearsal tadik dapat ler dok jap tengok other people sweat it out through the vigorous routine. Si Stacy, Shawal, Riz and Zahid semua involved for the dance training tuk shooting iklan Boh which will take place next week.

Seronok dapat lepak jap ler sebab otak stress seharian pikir nak wat jadual nak organise my time. Yer... aku skang kena organise time aku da. Matilah... so unheard of me kan? Well, seeing I have so many things on my plate right now, kenalah.

For sesapa yang fans of the kids, ni some pics.

Shawal with Afiq Maestro

Getting ready for his part in the routine

Stacy sempat pose tu. Riz lak focusing on choreography

Amboi.. pose lagik

Dan lagik... erm.. I think that's all folks!

Another day to go through before I get a break over the weekend. Yeay! Not counting the Sunday night promise to be a guest for TV1's Blog program.

Pening.... at least tomorrow no meetings, just one studio session je.

Would love to post more... but feeling mengantuk da.

PS - Did a little blog hopping. Haven't gone into YB Jeff Ooi's blog in a while. CLICK HERE for an interesting read and HERE for the source story. Wonder if harga minyak akan turun ke, atau ada yang wat bodoh jer. Turun ler... horror la nak terus camni....

PS Pt II - Our beloved Prime Minister finally set his retirement date saying he he will hand over the leadership to his deputy in June 2010. Enquiring minds want to know if a) is that constitutional as Ku Li puts it and b) will there be anything to hand over by the time 2010 rolls about. The Pakatan opposition this evening filed a no-confidence motion against the PM. The plot thickens.... there better be more scandals in the entertainment industry, or politics is turning out to be more fun...

And one more thing... Happy birthday to Tun Mahathir Mohamad! You're 83! Blowing out the candles should be fun, sir!