Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Counting the days...

Ok, so I have to gloat. Remember I said I was a tad peeved sebab tak dapat pe pe (apart from four movie passes la) the last Nuffnang gathering during the Wild Live Blogging event? Anyhoo, as I mentioned, I was invited among the few by Nuffnang to join in for a special preview of The Dark Knight malam tadik.

Walaupun having a flu today, sampai tak larat bangun, gigih gak aku wat persiapan nak penuhi invitation Nuffnang.

For two simple reasons - so wanted to watch the The Dark Knight (nak tengok sendiri the last performance of the late, and henceforth to be known as great Heath Ledger!) as well as having my eye on the Nokia N95 8gb phone up for grabs.

Toyed around prosthetics and liquid latex for my look. Wanted to stay true to the new version of Joker, which was a darker look compared to the more comic versions before this. Did I succeed?
I dunno... what you guys think? I got some funny looks turun member punya apartment where I spent only about an hour plus getting ready. Tak kemas sangat keja sebab I didn't have more time to fix things up, and let the latex dry.

So no pics... cause I am not too happy how it turned out. Not too bad... but not that good either.
Anyhoo, sampai pun lambat... with a lot of people giving me strange looks dari car park sampai ke GSC kat Gardens.What do you expect??? I had green hair, a white face, ripped lips and panda eyes! And all in purple and green too. Heh!!!

Tapi yang penting.. before the show started, they announced the winner of the Nokia N95 8gb. Guess who it was?

Thank you to both Nuffnang and of course Nokia, cause it was the first early birthday present I received for this year. Plus of course, on top of it all, I really wanted to get a new phone, since I have two phone lines, and I needed another new phone apart from the Motorola Rokr E8 I'm using for my Maxis line.

Before I gloat more on the phone, just a little on The Dark Knight. Getting to see the movie before almost everyone else was awesome! Especially since I've been on pins and needles nak tengok how the late Heath Ledger would perform.

And my verdict? You know how they say his performance should be up for an Oscar. I so FREAKING agree! He redefined the character of the Joker! It was dark and in a twisted manner, sort of engaging for all the right reasons.

The movie itself was more than a decent watch, though I thought they tried to cram too much in this feature. The whole thing bouncing off between storylines of Harvey 'Two Face' Dent and the Joker himself was just - mind numbing, not to mention butt numbing. I admit I dozed off on three occasions I think (sorry ler pada Izad sebab kena kejutkan aku each time... dunno whether I was really bored by those few draggy parts, or I just really caved in to my cold, or simpler still - I was really suffering from the lack of sleep)
Apart from that I have no real complaints.

For those who expect a more comic based approach, forget it. It's very, very, very dark, and for once, I actually Gotham City is more than just cut outs with little character in the individuals involved in the storyline.

And oh... Michael Caine reminded me more of Edward 'The Equalizer' Woodward.
Now.. back to the phone. Just a few pics of my new toy!

So my Rokr now has a friend! And they both look gorgeous. Sleek and shiny and both with enough of juice to power up music and videos for days between both.

Incidentally, caught Fergie's video, Clumsy, which I so love! See what phone she uses at 3:11. And when you watch The Dark Knight, watch out for the Nokia product placement. heh... popping some pills and getting some sleep. Nite all...

PS - Caught a recording of the debate between Anwar and Information Minister Shabery Cheek. Historic moment for the masses! Doesn't matter whose side you're cheering for.. at least it got on TV! Twice!!! With repeat tau!!!!
Anyway, Anwar is supposed to be arrested tomorrow (so much drama) while Syed Hamid Albar mintak maap kata "The public want their safety, not demonstrations or interference with their daily life."
How about the inteference with the damn traffic system???
How about that drooling??? (gelak sendiri!)