Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Butt baseball again?

Deja vu! Ten years later! Malas nak komen lebih sebab korang pun tau pasal apa. Well, again, I've mentioned I'm staying away from the sensationalism of politics, and more to the entertainment world here.

Malas nak ulas demi nak hits. Tapi apapon, I have had enough of all this.

Ten years ago, I made my mark in news by covering the birth of Reformasi, the street demos, the subsequent arrest of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. I was an eager, enthusiastic journalist keen on sourcing out truth and writing what I believed would change the country.

Yeah... right... and then I woke up.

So many things need be done.

And I'll leave it to others who can do so much more. I feel like devoting years to all this with no progress, or little that is unjustified of the time spent, malas da.

I love Malaysia... so much. Can't imagine packing up and leaving. Everytime gi cuti balik pun rasa nak kembali sini jerk. And when I do get back, I hit all my fave stalls and bersyukur sangat.

Hujan emas di negeri orang... and all that bull.

Yeap... politics suck. And our country is a long way off from being healed from all the crap we have to go through. And forget that saviour, that hero who will come turn things around. Deal with it jer la... after all... you all made your decision da masa elections.

Sapa setakat cakap lebih tak undi pun tak guna.

I have been browsing lots of blogs to just read up on latest developments, and I had a good laugh. Because I am aware quite of few of them didn't even vote.

Whoopie doo!

Entah la... leave me to my frivolous stuff and let me build my life better for myself and my family. Because no matter who I elect into office, the price of things still go up, income doesn't, corruption still rears its ugly head, and political scum-suckers still exist.

Heh... sounds apathetic kan?

No la... just malas nak ulas lebih about allegations or past pics of supposed butt-batters or the supposed receivers.

I think I'll just pick up a copy of the National Enquirer, thank you.

All the drama here is so like the dramas they have on RTM. Recycled trash... junk that may have been mildly appealing the first time, but just plain boring with repetitiously familiar storyline and characters (with a couple of switches) this time.

That is unless this time they can provide some PHOTOGRAPHIC evidence or video proof. Baru drama mama sikit. Lain dari tu, the he say, she say getting tiring. We all know they lie... so it gets too confusing to figure out the technicalities of who lies less to believe in.


Writing this before popping into Stacy place to see her, and pick up Chaq and the rest of the Bad Boyz (formerly Evoke). Saja nak bye bye sebelom Stacy ke Gold Coast esok.
Mama Stacy sampai pagi besok, so she gets to spend time with her mother, sebelom berlepas dari KLIA at night.
Dunno if sempat jumpa dia besok, but will try. Kalao tak jumpa dia pas balik dari Gold Coast jerk. Signing off for tonight... night, guys!

PS - Esok kalao sempat aku update earlier sikit sebab ada rakaman Kelab Pop. Yes, I am taking part. Takkan Bolos lak.. bukan muat pun.. and no way I'm wearing those hugging suits. Matilah aku....