Saturday, July 12, 2008

All wet

Today was a wet day! Erm.. not that kind of wet.

The Celebrity Car Wash kat SACC Mall in Shah Alam was fun, fun, fun! And all in the name of charity as money was being raised for the Ronald McDonald Children Charity.

Masa sampai, team Era FM conquered the area. Tapi selain penyampai semua, group dari Alif FC gak memeriahkan suasana, skali ngan Alif. Kids from So You Think You Can Dance chipped in too. Tomorrow one last day, and ramai lagik selebriti tempatan akan hadir, so bring your dirty automobiles and let them wash it for you for charity!

Enjoy some pics from today. Best taw... just a little letih tengok Linda dan Nana waterfight. Heh! Dari basuh keta, sempat gak meka nih semua main air.

While everyone was washing, yours truly who didn't come with spare clothes sat out and played cheerleader jer. Pastu bila letih, terus gi shopping. Nothing to buy (SACC Mall ada ker benda sangat... and then ke Plaza Alam Sentral which at least had soem stuff worth browsing).

Finally bought this HP 3 in 1 printer, scanner and copier I been eyeing, which only sold for RM199. Good for home use. I only need a fax machine. Actually ada 4 in 1 of these thingie yang also incorporate a fax, but aiyo... perlu ke. Sarat sangat functions.

Pas abih gi rumah Ayien ada kenduri housewarming. Then called it an early night. Esok kena pick up stuff for the Nuffnang premiere of Dark Knight on Tuesday (yes, another costume party thingie (that's a choice of Joker or Two Face for me, though I know a lot of people who could go as both minus the costumes or masks).

Yawn... don't forget I'll be appearing on TV1 over the program Blog at 8.40pm tomorrow night.

Til then...