Wednesday, June 04, 2008

We're so f**ked!

So now everyone knows. Petrol and diesel prices will go up by 78 sen and RM1 per litre respectively at midnight tonight,

Thank you Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for allowing Malaysians to breathe more freely than ever. Yes, I'm being sarcastic if you were confused by that.

Everyone knew the hike would come after the elections... but not this drastic.

I bet everyone wishes that they voted differently now, eh? Well, no use crying over spilt milk. Bak kata member aku, siapa yang undi cilakak yang wat keputusan... RASAIN!!!!!!!!

So now petrol is RM2.70 per litre and diesel RM2.58 per litre.

F**king laughable that the news reports were so skewed that the government subsidy was still on, and how much. 30 freaking Sen. Woohoo!!! Bring out the glasses, darling! The government still loves us!

F**king highway robbery is more like it!

They also announced a cash rebate of RM625 annually for owners of private cars up to 2,000 cc and pick-up trucks and jeeps of up to 2,500 cc. Owners of private motorcycles of engine capacity of up to 250 cc will be paid a cash rebate of RM150 per year when you renew your road tax,

Big freaking deal! Not only do we know have more to do when we renew our road tax (which I honestly have no idea why we still pay considering f**king toll rates. You know what it feels like for me? Dahla #$%^ money order...

Honestly!!! Why don't rich fat cats just take a pay cut and stop stupid projects wasting public funds apart from a load of other sensible measures than piling the pressure on Malaysians.

As Rocky pointed out. when Pak Lah became Prime Minister, petrol was only about a quarter of the orice now. So I think grateful is the last emotion for a lot of us with this announcement, despite the obviously highlighted ongoing subsidy and new rebates.

Crap! Will update later... need to pump petrol lah like every other panicky Malaysian. Maybe this is the muhibbah concept the government wants us to embrace.

Beratur pepanjang kat pam minyak, while everyone, regardless of race and religion b***hes about the government ruling.

Everyone loves a common enemy.

Brace yourself for bigger increases. Electricity pun da announce akan naik 18%.

I'm going to out enjoy my last mamak meal before the stupid idiots there hike up the price as well, like everything else that is going to go up after this.

The reality for the average Malaysian our government doesn't see or care about

PS - Anyone got an opening at Petronas for me?

PS Pt II - Malam ni update pasal meeting ngan World punya company nak bincang business!